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Most prospective adoptive parents are curious about the birth mothers whose child may soon be under their care. Whether you want to form a relationship with them via open adoption or just know a few fun facts, we at Adoption Choices of Arizona want you to know it’s important to remember that no matter the circumstances, they’re all just like you: human. Here are some of the most common cases of women who place their baby for adoption, though every situation is somehow distinct from the next.

Women facing financial crises

It’s quite possible that the birth mother is ready to start a family, but she knows she doesn’t have the financial means to give her baby the life he or she deserves. Searching for an adoption plan certifies the baby ends up in financially secure arms. It’ll reassure the birth mother to know she won’t have to worry about providing for her child when she’s struggling to do so for herself. Hopefully, she’ll solve her financial troubles and eventually be able to fully tend to a child.

Women with unanticipated teenage pregnancies

Sometimes, life happens, and no matter how much you may do to try to prevent a pregnancy, something can slip through. This can be especially hard for teenage girls, who are still trying to develop into full-fledged adults and pursue their dreams. It can be difficult to care for a baby while you’re still trying to figure yourself out, and adoption is often the go-to for teenagers going through this taxing situation.

Women who simply don’t want to be mothers

It’s perfectly OK for women to not want to be mothers because there are plenty of others out there who would be happy to fill their shoes. Some may have jobs that require grueling hours that result in seeing their child very little, some just may not be fit to be parents, or it could be anything else in between. Choosing adoption just means desires are filled all around.

Women who struggle with drugs and/or alcohol

A pregnant woman facing addiction may choose to place her child for adoption. Dealing with an unplanned or stressful pregnancy is hard enough – being pregnant and addicted to drugs or alcohol is even harder, now considering she will need to raise a child at the end of nine months may be too difficult to fathom and so adoption is an option.

There are so many other circumstances a pregnant woman might find herself in and considering adoption. She might be homeless, experiencing trouble with the father of the baby or not know the father of the baby, or maybe she’s a woman who wants to give life to a family. It’s important to understand she is being selfless and brave no matter her why.

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