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Where Did The Phrase “Put My Baby Up For Adoption” Come From?

If you are having an unplanned pregnancy and considering placing your baby up for adoption, you may be wondering where the phrase “putting” your baby up for adoption came from. You may be wondering what it means to place your baby up for adoption and how the process works. Have you found an Arizona adoption agency yet? Have you talked to anyone about your unplanned pregnancy options and what help can be offered to you?

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“Giving Baby Up For Adoption” VS “Putting Baby Up For Adoption”

The phrase “putting” a baby up for adoption is often used instead of the phrase “giving” a baby up for adoption to pay respect to all those involved in the adoption process. “Giving” a baby up for adoption sounds like a mother is giving up on her baby or does not care about them, but we know this is not true. Placing a baby up for adoption can be one of the biggest and most beautiful sacrifices a birth mother can make for her baby. Her baby should know how much she loves him or her and that they were never “given away” without thought.

Respectful Adoption Phrases

It’s for this reason that instead of using the phrase “giving a baby up for adoption,” other phrases are used. “Placing” or “putting” your baby up for adoption is a respectful and wonderful alternative. This describes what is happening without shaming the birth mother and her baby.

Origin of “Put Baby Up For Adoption” Phrase

Originally, the phrase “put a baby up for adoption” came from the orphan train movement. In the mid 19th to early 20th century, orphans on the east coast of the United States were placed on trains headed westward. Upon reaching their destination, the children were put up on platforms for prospective adoptive families to look at and choose from.

Arizona Adoption Agencies & Processes

Obviously, adoption processes have changed within the last century. Today, adoption agencies like Adoption Choices of Arizona guide birth mothers and adoptive families through the process of adoption. This can include adoption agreements, financial and medical aid, legal assistance, choosing your child’s adoptive family, and counseling.

Type of Adoption Agreements

Today, birth mothers have the right to stay in touch with their children if they choose to. The type of adoption agreement you choose allows you to have as much contact with your child and their family as you want. If you would like to have visitations with your baby, receive updates on their growth and development, and be a part of their life in the future, open or semi-open adoption is probably the best option for you. If you do not want to be a part of their life or have any contact with them in the future, you can choose to have a closed adoption.

Adoption Agency Services

Your adoption agency assigns you a caseworker to help you through the adoption process. Your caseworker can help you get in contact with legal representation if needed. Your caseworker can also help you find housing and transportation to your OB/GYN doctor’s appointments during your pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Your caseworker can help you find help with any bills as well. This can be done through a trust your caseworker can set up for you. Then, the adoptive family you choose can help you with your bills by putting money in that trust account, so you can legally withdraw the money you need for your bills, rent, care, and utilities.

Choosing Your Baby’s Adoptive Family

Today, you can choose your baby’s adoptive family yourself. Depending on the type of people you wish to adopt and raise your child, you can choose from a wide array of profiles of prospective adoptive families from your caseworker. You have the right to choose whoever you wish to adopt your baby.

Adoption Agency Mental Health Services

Your caseworker can help you find counseling and therapy for anxiety, depression, and grief during and following your pregnancy. Many birth mothers struggle with their mental health throughout the adoption process and while recovering from their delivery. There is nothing wrong with receiving help for your mental health. Your caseworker can lend an ear, as well as an on-site counselor or an off-site counselor who can be recommended by your agency and caseworker.

Adoption Choices of Arizona Aiding You In Putting Your Baby Up For Adoption

Adoption Choices of Arizona is a great organization to help you through the adoption process while providing invaluable resources as well as services. We are dedicated to helping you through the adoption agreement, choosing your baby’s family, as well as aiding you with medical, financial, and mental health aid. The history of the phrase “putting your baby up for adoption” shows how far the adoption process has come in the last century. While adoption has not always been handled with the decorum necessary, we are ready to assist you and your child with the respect you deserve. Remember, you are never giving up on your child or yourself; you are giving your baby and yourself the best chance at beautiful lives. Contact Adoption Choices of Arizona as soon as you can to help you start your journey.

For adoption resources or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead, visit us here!

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