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As the birth mother, you are already most likely on edge about the adoption process, and it doesn’t help that you may not know what to be prepared for. We at Adoption Choices of Arizona are here to ease your mind and let you know what both the adoptive family and adoption agency need to know about you. Here is what you should be ready to divulge:

Any past or present drug use

The most important attribute to own is honesty, especially in circumstances like adoption. This means being upfront about your past, however inauspicious it may seem now. If drug use was a part of that past, make sure they know that. People change, and that drug use certainly doesn’t define you. However, it’s better to disclose it than let them find out later themselves and lose trust in you.

Possibility of future homelessness/concerns about safety

Yes, you should be frank about potential concerns about your future. The adoptive family is not the only party that matters here. You and your well-being during this time are just as significant as the child. The agency may be able to connect you with resources that could prevent further problems in this aspect, too.

Information about the birth father

Even if he’s not in the picture anymore and he chooses to not contribute to the adoption process, the birth father still plays an integral part. This includes making sure he imparts any medical records and other crucial documents that’ll help out the agency immensely. It’s also important to note any criminal background or related things the birth father possesses to ensure the safety of the child.

Other information you feel is necessary

Of course, we do not know everything that might be pertinent to you and your circumstances, so the above list is not comprehensive. It’s important to share anything and everything you feel should be known that could be helpful.

Being upfront about all of this information will only help you find an adoptive family you trust, will help the adoptive family know how to adjust to forthcoming situations, and will help the adoption agency provide both parties with everything needed. Why hold back and prevent something as good as that?

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