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What to Expect When You’re Expecting in Adoption

By Jan Douglas

Are you a pregnant woman looking for adoption agencies in Arizona? Finding out about an unplanned pregnancy may leave you feeling stunned. Adoption Choices of Arizona provides free adoption services to birth mothers. We are a local adoption agency and will always treat you with respect and dignity and ensure you receive the birth mother benefits you need. Adoption can be a positive and loving experience. If you are considering placing your baby for adoption, our adoption specialists will guide you through the adoption process

Knowing what to expect during the adoption process may help lessen some of the stress. Even though you may know you are making the correct decision when deciding on adoption, it can still be tough. You may be feeling frustrated and that it is too complicated. You may also experience feelings of guilt for being pregnant and not wanting the babyAdoption Choices of Arizona has guided pregnant women through adoption since our founding in 2011. We are local, private, and licensed by the State of Arizona. Our birth mother specialists can explain everything you need to know about adoption. 

Some Things to Expect from the Adoption Process

Choosing adoption can sometimes be a tough decision to make. However, moving forward and creating an adoption plan may bring relief. Each adoption story is unique. There are many reasons why a pregnant woman places the baby for adoption. She may not feel she is financially able to raise a child. The pregnant woman may be experiencing homelessness. If you believe adoption will allow you to give your baby the best life, it may be the best decision. And potentially, a life-saving one. Working with an adoption specialist can help a birth mother feel confident in choosing this option. 

There will be necessary paperwork. Adoption is a major decision, and there are specific legal requirements. Working with a local adoption agency with experience in Arizona adoption law is important, such as Adoption Choices of Arizona. We understand the adoption process and offer one-on-one support throughout the entire journey. Our agency is one of the best adoption agencies in Arizona, and we will thoroughly explain what will be involved. We will never just hand you a packet of information. Your birth mother specialist will walk you through all of the documents. 

A birth mother may have to deal with questions and judgment from other people. As with many things in life, you may meet people who do not understand your decision. That’s okay! They don’t have to understand or agree with you choosing adoption. Some adoption language can feel negative, like “giving up baby.” However, when an expectant woman chooses adoption, she does the opposite. She imagines a wonderful new life for her baby. Not only that, but she is giving a gift to an adoptive couple who may have gone through extreme heartache. 

What are Some Emotions a Birth Mother May Feel During the Adoption Process

  • Shock – once you decide to place your baby for adoption, you may feel a sudden jolt of panic; any life-changing decision will usually have this effect
  • Fear – a birth parent may feel distressed and worried about their decision; a recurring thought may be, “Am I making the right decision?”
  • Sadness/Guilt – knowing your child will grow up in another family and relinquishing this responsibility will most likely bring about intense feelings of sorrow.

All of these emotions are completely normal. Having a birth mother specialist and a community around you will not take these feelings away. They are usually part of the adoption journey. But the support you will receive and the genuine love experienced can help you in your adoption experience.  

Other emotions may come later, post-placement, or if you made the choice of adoption early in your pregnancy, even before birth.

  • Peace of Mind – once you come to terms with your decision, you may feel comforted knowing you are offering a better life for your baby. A birth mom can have a sudden realization of the positive choice she made and feel joy. 
  • Acceptance – a birth parent can feel hope that the child was given a better chance because of the hard decision she made. Acceptance can bring a feeling of peace from deep inside. 

Any major decision a person makes will have consequences throughout their life. Since adoption is a huge decision to make, it, too, will have life-long implications. A birth mom may experience these emotions at any time throughout her life. Often, knowing what to expect and having people who understand what you are going through can help. Adoption Choices of Arizona is a community of people who understand!

Routine Steps a Birth Mother will take in the Adoption Process

  • Coming up with an adoption plan. Deciding on the type of adoption – open or semi-open adoption or closed adoption. 
  • Choosing the adoptive family. The adoption agency will give the birth mother several adoptive families to review. Adoptive parents undergo an intensive 4-6 month Home Study and are carefully background checked. 
  • Deciding on a birth and hospital plan. Where the birth will take place and who you would like with you in the delivery room and hospital. 
  • Post-placement Support. After the birth, a birth mom will still receive the support she needs. 

If you are a pregnant woman and looking for a private adoption agency in Arizona, Adoption Choices of Arizona is one of the best. Our adoption specialists are committed to providing birth moms in Arizona with the assistance they need to have healthy, stable living conditions. This help is during your pregnancy and afterward. We also specialize in giving a safe haven for homeless expectant parents. We have several locations if you are looking for adoption agencies in Arizona.