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What Rights and Responsibilities Would You Have After Placing Your Baby for Adoption?

By Patricia Arce

An unplanned pregnancy can be a scary time in your life. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we want to make that experience easier. We are a private adoption agency licensed by the State of Arizona. We’re here to help clarify post-adoption rights and responsibilities, ensuring you’re well-informed to place your baby for adoption. Once you finalize your adoption plan, what should you expect?

What Does It Mean to Terminate Your Parental Rights?

When you are placing your baby for adoption, you are also consenting to adoption. This means you are consenting to the legal process of ending your parent-child relationship. It’s also known as voluntary termination of parental rights. You are then transferring those rights to the adoptive parents. 

This process, which is standard in all adoption processes, requires you to sign a voluntary petition for adoption and a voluntary waiver of parental rights. The paperwork is signed after the birth of your baby. After you sign the paperwork, you will have zero legal rights or responsibilities over the child. Arizona adoption agencies give birth mothers 72 hours after the child’s birth to sign all necessary paperwork. If you are seeking adoption help and are nervous about the idea of adoption paperwork, contact Adoption Choices of Arizona and seek an adoption attorney. 

It’s important to note that if the father claims paternity over the baby, his signature and consent are required for adoption. If the birth father denies paternity or can not be contacted, his consent is not required to move forward with adoption. 

Adoption Choices of Arizona can offer counseling to help you decide the best course of action.

Open Adoption and Semi-open Adoption Agreements 

When you are working through your Arizona adoption process and seeking pregnancy help, you should explore different adoption agreements. Before you have signed the paperwork to transfer your parental rights, you will have to decide what level of involvement, post-adoption, you would like to have with your baby and your baby’s adoptive parents. While there can be varying degrees and differences to these plans, ultimately there are two types of adoption plans that you can have: open adoption and closed adoption. You can remain anonymous and have a level of confidentiality with closed adoptions. However, Arizona’s adoption policy requires non-identifying information that may be needed for the safety of the child. While open and semi-open adoptions will allow you to remain in contact with your adoptive child.

Open Adoption

Open adoption means the birth parents and adoptive parents are in contact. The extent of contact between each party is up to those involved and is agreed upon during the adoption planning. There are no specific rules, and a legally binding contract will be written outlines how communication will work. However, Open adoption does not reinstate parental rights. The contact you will have does not qualify as any parental rights or responsibilities.

Semi-open Adoption

Semi-open adoption means that the birth parents would be able to keep their life separate from their child’s life. This allows them to hear about their child during their upbringing. The level of privacy will be determined by the birth parents and adoptive parents during the adoption planning. Private adoption agencies, like Adoption Choices of Arizona, can mediate the relationship between the birth parents and the adoptive parents. 

Seeking Legal Counsel with an Adoption Attorney 

It is important to seek legal counseling to be able to fully grasp your specific situation, needs, and future rights and responsibilities. Adoption agencies near you, like Adoption Choices of Arizona, will be able to provide some of these services. With the help of legal counsel, your adoption paperwork will be handled perfectly and exactly to your needs since, once signed, you will relinquish parental rights permanently. Counselors will be able to explain all the adoption process options you have, and you will be able to set up a plan for the future. A birth mother will always be legally represented by Adoption Choices of Arizona.

Contact Adoption Choices of Arizona for More Adoption Information

If you are looking to understand your adoption options in Arizona, Adoption Choices of Arizona is here to help! We understand the stress of an unplanned pregnancy and the difficulty that comes with searching for the best information. We want all birth mothers to remain informed and be happy about the adoption plan they choose. Your rights and responsibilities after placing your baby for adoption are unique to the adoption plan you have chosen. Only you can decide the level of involvement you would like in your adoptive child’s life.