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What is the Adoption Finalization Process?

By Megan Kostraba

Going through an adoption journey can be quite a tough challenge! Adoption makes you exercise your physical and mental capacity and all the feelings that follow. When you are placing your baby up for adoption, you are accepting that it’s the best choice for you and your child. It is in no way an easy or simple choice to make, but it’s one that many women have made and will continue to make during an unplanned pregnancy.

When you work alongside adoption agencies in Arizona, we can help you create a unique adoption plan that fits your needs and wishes. We can help guide you all throughout the adoption process, during and after childbirth. Knowing what comes next can be scary—there can be a lot to think about and some steps you’ll have to take to complete the adoption. All of this, and more, can be discussed with you through our guidance—we can help you understand the role you will play in your child’s life. We want you to feel as comfortable and confident as you can during your adoption. We will go through your adoption together, one step at a time.

How Does the Adoption Process Begin?

 When you are considering adoption for your child, we recommend reaching out to adoption agencies near you. An adoption agency is filled with a team of professionals who can assist you during your adoption journey! We will guide you throughout the process and discuss your options with you. When you work alongside an agency, you can learn about all the different kinds of adoption. This can help you make the best adoption choice suited for you and your child. Some birth mothers know early in the process that they want to have contact with their child, and some wish to stay contactless. Either option is fine; you need to choose what is best for you, and we will respect your wishes. Regardless of the type of adoption you choose, our goal is to help birth mothers understand and accept their role in their child’s life.

We know that adoption can be difficult—it’s a very intense and stressful decision for many women to make. An unplanned pregnancy has happened to many women and will continue to happen as time goes on. Some women choose adoption for financial reasons, medical issues, familial struggles, or personal goals. Pregnancy is something that can upturn an entire lifespan, and it may not be in your plan at the moment. Whatever your reasons are for adoption, we understand that it comes from believing what is best for your child.

How Does the Adoption Process End?

Going into an adoption journey, birth mothers want to be prepared for the steps to come. We get it! Facing the unknowns can be scary, and we want you to feel prepared to! Being ready to follow your adoption plan is a part of accepting your adoption. We are here to offer you the pregnancy help that you deserve.

After you have given birth to your child, the final steps of the adoption process begin. When an adoption is final, it means that the legal custody of your child has been transferred to the adoptive family. At this point in the adoption, the birth mother will have either met or been told who the adoptive family is. The relationship a birth mother has with the adoptive family is determined by her chosen type of adoption. You can know as much information about the adoptive family as we can legally give you.

While in the hospital, you can visit and see your baby as often as you’d like. This is something you can discuss beforehand with your adoption specialist. Birth mothers can also make the decision to keep their child if feeling regret about the adoption, but only within a certain time limit. This is something we would urge you to discuss with your adoption specialist. We understand the feelings of regret, loss, and grief, but we also want you to avoid making split-second decisions.

The adoptive family typically leaves with the child after you have signed the proper consent forms. All paperwork must be completed by both parties in order for the adoption to be complete. This process typically happens while in the hospital, after the child is born.

In the state of Arizona, you do not have to give your consent to the adoption in front of a judge. This would only happen if the adoption falls under the Indian Child Welfare Act or if the birth mother’s mental capacity has been questioned. If you do have to appear in front of a judge, our services will provide an adoption attorney for you. We also provide services for the birth mother post-birth, which can be discussed with your adoption specialist. Financial assistance, transportation, and even housing can be provided for you. You are not alone!

Our Agencies in Arizona are Waiting for You!

We know that placing your baby up for adoption can be frustrating, intimidating, and stressful. It’s why one of our goals is to make sure that you feel confident, secure, and comfortable with your adoption plan. We can help you prepare for all of the unknowns. From start to finish, Adoption Choices of Arizona will be there for your adoption journey. Whether it’s questions about legalities, concerns about your choice, or just wondering where to even begin, our adoption agencies in Arizona can get you on the right track. Reach out to us for help during your adoption journey because with us, you are our priority.