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What is Covered in Adoption Counseling in Arizona?

By Melissa Camacho

If you are a birth mother going through an unplanned pregnancy and experiencing emotional stress, we are here to help. Once you reach out to our adoption agencies in Arizona, you can request to speak to an adoption counselor. Adoption Choices of Arizona understands that placing your baby for adoption can be challenging. You can expect common reactions: anxiety, stress, fear, and grief. 

Our adoption counselors can assure you that there is no shame in how you feel about putting your child up for adoption. That’s why we offer free counseling support to help you manage your mental health during and after your adoption journey. We can help you cope with any emotions that may discourage you from feeling confident about your decision to choose adoption in Arizona.

What is Adoption Counseling, and How Does it Work?

Our counseling support services work to make your pregnancy less stressful and more productive. It will help you manage circumstances interfering with your decisions and steps to complete the adoption process. You will be connected to an adoption counselor who will help you with the following issues or concerns:

  1. An adoption counselor will first guide you through the steps to create a reliable and flexible adoption plan
  2. You can ask about adoption services that will help you with other needs that affect your well-being, such as:
    • Financial assistance for housing, medical, utilities, maternity clothing, transportation, education, and food
    • Assistance with searching and exploring your options to choose the best adoptive family that will be responsible for your child’s needs
    • Help choose the type of adoption you want, including open-adoption, semi-adoption, or closed adoption.

The adoption counselor will help you manage your expenses by assisting you with a budget plan. Not only will you meet with an adoption counselor to discuss and settle your adoption options, but you will also meet with our support groups. Birth and mother support groups offer you more opportunities to share your experience about your adoption journey. You can also connect with other birth mothers and learn from their experiences. In addition, our counseling support groups are intended to strengthen your mental stability to overcome adoption fears and misconceptions.

What Type of Issues Can I discuss with my Adoption Counselor?

A birth mother faces a wide range of situations during the adoption process. So, are there only certain topics you can cover? Anything that affects your mental and physical health during and after your adoption is finalized can be discussed. Issues concerning your decision to choose adoption and finalize adoption come in all shapes and forms. Our job is to be open-minded towards the situations you face and ensure you are in your comfort zone. Types of issues we can cover during our counseling sessions are:

  • Assistance on how to give a baby up for adoption and guidance on creating an adoption plan
  • Feeling pressure or suffering from overwhelming emotions, such as trauma, stress, and anxiety
  • What to do if the birth father isn’t supportive enough
  • Fear of going through grief or loss when your baby is legally placed with the adoptive parents 
  • How to deal with disputes or disagreements with the adoptive family 
  • Help with pursuing an education or starting a career while considering adoption in Arizona
  • Getting past interference from your peers or loved ones about choosing adoption 
  • Going through emotions of self-doubt and guilt because you feel you are neglecting your child

Keep in mind that anything you want to discuss is up to you. We will not pressure or force you into engaging in conversations you are not comfortable with. Feel free to provide as much information as applicable for us to clarify and assist with your situation(s).

Counseling Can Increase Your Birth Mother Motivation with Adoption Choices of Arizona!

Getting counseling takes some time to think through. Our adoption counselors are empathetic and patient with a birth mother’s decision to get counseling. It’s not easy managing an unexpected pregnancy on your own. However, you do not need to go through this situation alone. While it also helps to get support from your peers, your primary access to support is with our adoption agencies in Arizona. Through our counseling services, you can reduce emotional distress and factors interfering with your adoption journey. When you begin to gain more confidence, you will gain control over your mental health.

Our counseling services help birth mothers enhance their experience of placing their child for adoption or beginning your adoption journey. Birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead visit us here!