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What is an Arizona closed adoption?

By Blessing E. Ikhimokpa

You’ve decided to place your baby for adoption. But you don’t know where to start. Being a part of the baby’s life isn’t something you’d like. Depending on your age, becoming pregnant wasn’t in your cards. So, you decided you were going to continue with the pregnancy. But you wouldn’t be in the birth child’s life. At the Adoption Choices of Arizona, our agency will handle everything for you. The adoption journey is unique to each person, and we are always here to help you. Since you’ve decided not to be involved, we’ll pick the adoptive parents for you.

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What is closed adoption, and how does it work?

After going through the different pregnant adoption options, you’ve gone with a closed adoption. Closed adoption is chosen when birth mothers have decided not to participate in the adoption process. Choosing to go with closed adoption doesn’t make you a bad person. Some birth mothers would like to separate themselves altogether, and that’s fine. 

What are the different adoption options to choose from in Arizona?

At our agency, Adoption Choices of Arizona, we tell birth mothers that during the adoption process. First, you have to “Understand the Process.” This means you have to be informed about the different options for adoption. With adoption, there are three options to choose from. Birth mothers can choose from an open, semi-open, and closed adoption. If you choose an open adoption, you’ll play an active part in the birth child’s life. You’ll be able to choose which adoptive family the birth child will be in. While having a steady connection with the adoptive parents. So, you can schedule when you can see the birth child. 

Next is semi-closed adoption. In this adoption choice, the birth mother has let the adoption agency choose the adoptive parents. So, the birth mother doesn’t have to be involved in the adoption process, unlike open adoption, where the birth mother is actively and physically involved. In a semi-open adoption, the birth mother has decided not to have direct contact with the birth child. So, they will make any contact via phone or text messages.

Finally, closed adoption. Similar to semi-open adoption, where the birth mother has decided not to have contact with the adoptive parent. In this adoption choice, the birth mother has separated themselves. They’ve stepped back and let the adoption agency handle everything.

What is the birth plan for closed adoption in Arizona?

Unlike open adoption, where the adoptive parents will be in the room during the birth. The birth mother has had the agency take over in a closed adoption. The adoption counselor of choice might be in the room if the birth mother would like. However, the adoptive parents won’t be in the room during the birth. Instead, they might be in the nursery room where the baby will be after birth. So they can see the baby for themselves.

Even though the birth mother has placed their birth child up for adoption in Arizona, there has to be a 72-hour window before the birth child can be adopted. During this time, either the birth mother or the adoptive parents can spend this time usually, if you pick closed adoption. You’d think the birth mother wouldn’t want to spend the time with the birth child. But it’s up to the birth mother to make that decision in the end. 

Although its closed adoption, can the birth mother still have future contact with the birth child?

Even though the birth mother has gone with a closed adoption, they could still have future contact with the birth child if they’d like. After a while, the birth mother might want to re-connect. So the option to have future contact is available as this is a closed adoption. The birth mother won’t be able to physically see the birth child. But, they can see pictures and letters upon the adoptive parents’ agreement. The birth mother and the birth child might re-connect further down the line. But as of now, the birth mother can have pictures and letters to connect.  

At our agency, you can receive a free consultation for pregnant moms and birth mothers considering adoption for their baby. For adoption resources or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead visit us here!