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Hospital Plans: What They Are and What to Know?

By Amaya Jones

This pregnancy has been a remarkable experience filled with a wide range of emotions. Your body and mind have undergone incredible transformations. As you reach the exciting conclusion of this journey (congratulations!), there’s another important step to consider.

Since you’ve chosen a loving adoptive family for your child, there’s a specific plan that can make the birth experience smoother for everyone involved when placing your baby for adoption. This plan, called a hospital or birth plan, is a crucial part of the adoption process.

What is a Hospital, Also Known As a Birth Plan?

What is an adoption birth plan? It’s something you’ve no doubt heard of as all mothers prepare one before delivering. The birth plan outlines any major decisions you wish to make as you head into labor. It also details what your time at the hospital will be like while you’re delivering. Labor can be long, and you might be at the hospital for a while. It’s good to be prepared. And you want to be comfortable. All of these decisions will be made by you with guidance and assistance from your birth counselor. Adoption Choices of Arizona is a great place for young expecting mothers to receive all the information they need regarding adoption, pregnancy help, and any other inquiries they may have, including making a birth plan. 

What Are the Steps for A Birth Plan?

When making a birth plan, these are the major things to decide:

Where do you want to deliver? 

You will have to decide which hospital you wish to deliver at. You’ll usually figure this out in the early stages of your pregnancy. Have an idea of hospitals in your area that are in close distance to you. Talk with your doctor, try to pinpoint your due date, and see if you can come into the hospital to deliver.

Who will be in the delivery room with you?

This is very important. As you prepare to give birth, emotions might be running high. Lots of things will be happening at once. You will be thinking about a thousand things simultaneously. One thing that’s best to have figured out prior to your delivery day is who you want to have in the room with you when you deliver.

What procedure would you like to have done?

There are two different ways of giving birth, natural/vaginal births and C-sections. Both are great ways to deliver, though typically, C-sections are done in emergency situations. If you’d like, you can request a water birth. A VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) is also an option.

Your Options as a Birth Mother

Having a birth plan can be a great way to feel prepared and empowered for your delivery.  It’s all about creating a safe and comfortable environment for you and your baby’s arrival.  Of course, birth plans aren’t mandatory for everyone.

The most important thing is that you feel supported and informed throughout your birthing experience.  If you’re considering adoption, wonderful resources like Adoption Choices of Arizona and other adoption agencies in Arizona are here to walk you through the process with compassion and care.