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What If the Adoptive Family Doesn’t Want to Adopt My Baby?

At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we are here to support you in your adoption journey and consideration in putting your child up for adoption, so let’s address some of the possible fears you have about giving your baby up for adoption. Are you afraid the family you have chosen will decide not to adopt your child? Are you worried the family may choose not to adopt due to health or bonding issues with your baby? Adoption Choices of Arizona is here to support you through these worries and anxieties.

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Adoption Process in Arizona: What to do if the adoptive family does not want to adopt my baby

While the unknowns involved in adoption can be scary, the one thing to know is that there is a family waiting for your baby with all the love and care you wish they bestow on your baby. If the family you have chosen has decided not to adopt, there are plenty of good families out there waiting to be found. It is not hopeless, take a deep breath and consult with your birth parent counselor for other possible families.

Adoption Choices of Arizona should pair you with a birth parent counselor, whose job it is to help you through this Arizona adoption process, find the right family, and protect your rights, as well as your child’s rights. Adoption Choices will assign your counselor to help you comb through the family profiles and meet any prospective adoptive parents who you are most interested in. Just because your first choice may have pulled out for whatever reason does not mean that no family wants to adopt your baby. Let’s think through some of the possible fears you may be dealing with right now.

What if the family does not bond with my child?

While there is always the possibility of the family having trouble bonding with the baby, everyone involved has to understand that this is a learning process. Just as with any child, regardless of how they join a family, there is no magical wisdom or manual that comes with the baby. If a family is having trouble connecting and bonding with the child, it can take time. Just as with any birth mother and her biological child, bonding may not be as instantaneous as the media likes us to think.

Regardless of whether or not a child was carried in their mother’s womb, a connection between mother and baby is not always like magic. Some mothers bond with their babies after nights of getting up at three in the morning to feed and rock them back to sleep, while others may be lucky enough to hold their baby for the first time and feel that instantaneous bond. It may not be an instant, exact science, but that does not mean a family will immediately reject a baby because they did not have that instant spark. Many families dream of meeting their baby that they will also need to keep their expectations in check. This baby is human, just like them, and is looking for love and care, which is just what their adoptive family is ready to give.

What if the family does not want to deal with any health issues my baby may have?

If the family has decided to back out of an adoption due to the baby’s health issues, that is their prerogative. However, there are still plenty of families who want to help and care for your baby, regardless of health issues, because they already love this baby. With the technological advances that exist today, many health issues are fixable and temporary, regardless of whether they are found and treated prenatally or postnatally. Even if there is a long-term issue, there are many families who will still love and care for your baby, but that is a bridge you may not even need to cross. If a situation such as this arises, Adoption Choices of Arizona will be by your side.

Creating Families in Arizona: Who Will Adopt My Baby?

Many families are ready and waiting to receive a call saying you reconsidered their application and would like to meet with them again. Any of these wonderful prospective adoptive parents would be thrilled to build their Arizona family with your help. If that first family was not meant to be, the next family might well be. The fact that you are so worried about putting your baby up for adoption and finding them the perfect home shows you are doing what is best for your baby, first and foremost.

You will always be the woman who gave them life, despite an unplanned pregnancy, and making sure the people who raise them have a safe and loving home to raise your child in is the best thing you can do for them. If you are unable to choose the family yourself, your appointed counselor will handle all of the details and interviews. If you want nothing to do with the adopted family and only want to make sure your child has a good home, your counselor can be your representative in these matters and will advocate for you and your child.

For adoption resources or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. We have adoption agencies in Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff but we can come to you anywhere across the entire state of Arizona. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead, visit us here!

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