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What exactly is a closed adoption, and is it OK if I choose one?

Closed adoption may pique your interest, but it can be difficult to delve deeper into it when so many people seem to be against it. We at Adoption Choices of Arizona highly encourage open adoption, but we also support any choice you think is the best fit for you. Every situation is unique. What is right for you won’t be right for someone else. That means it is up to you to determine which type of adoption relationship is going to be best. Here is everything you need to know about closed adoption because, yes, it is absolutely OK to choose it.

What is closed adoption?

Closed adoption is when the birth parents and prospective adoptive parents agree to partake in zero contact with one another. There is no identifying information provided either to the birth families or adoptive families. This means the adoptive parents may not know from whom or where the child is coming. Even if the parents were made aware, they won’t interact with the birth parents anymore after the adoption process is completed.

Why a birth mother might choose a closed adoption

When a birth mother doesn’t want contact with her adopted child, we don’t want to automatically assume that she is selfish or heartless. Too much stigma and disregard surrounds the birth mother. We want her to feel worthy, valuable, and know that she is not alone. Every adoption story is unique and whether she chooses open adoption or closed adoption, she will always play an important role.

The cons of closed adoption

The most troubling part of a closed adoption is trying to gain access to medical files and other related paperwork. These typically remain corked, and it may take issuing a court order to get ahold of their contents. Both the adoptive parents and the child will most likely be left with a lot of questions that might never get answered, too. Even the best adoption consultants in the world don’t know the answers to personal questions.

The pros of closed adoption

If you as the adoptive parents are looking for an escape from the dread that the birth parents may change their mind, closed adoption is a safe choice. However, it’s important to note that it’s extremely rare for them to do so, and once the relinquishment papers are signed, there’s nothing the birth parents can do, anyway. With a closed adoption also comes a sense of closure for both the adoptive and birth parents.

It’s important to look into all types of adoption before making your final choice. The closed adoption experience tends to vary for each adoption. Communication continues to be a vital factor in the adoption process. As communication about wishes, desires, expectations, etc. improves, the more comfortable everyone involved will be in the adoption process. In a closed adoption, communication normally occurs through an adoption agency or adoption attorney. If you’re 100% sure on closed adoption, though, let nothing stop you from pursuing it.

Adoption Choices of Arizona encourages open communication between birth parents and adoptive families and also recognizes semi-open, and closed adoptions. To start your adoption journey, contact us via email or Text or Call:
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