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What Birth Mothers Want You to Know About Arizona Adoption

By Jan Douglas

As a birth mother who was once looking for adoption agencies in Arizona, I will be forever thankful I found Adoption Choices of Arizona. Experiencing an unexpected pregnancy can take your breath away, especially if you are single. You may feel alone in your circumstances, unsure of where to turn or which way to go. Exploring all your options with a trusted person can be life-changing. The adoption specialists at Adoption Choices of Arizona are compassionate and knowledgeable and will never pressure you in any direction. Here is what birth mothers want you to know about Arizona adoption.

Placing Your Baby for Adoption in Arizona

Meeting with a birth mother specialist to discuss your options is the beginning of the adoption process. Once you have decided on adoption, your journey has begun! You will have good days and bad days, ups and downs along the way; choosing adoption is a life-changing event. But you will never be alone; you will have the support of your birth mother specialist. The type of adoption you choose will take you down different paths. Modern adoption is unlike the adoptions of decades ago. As a birth mom, you are in control and can create your personalized adoption plan

There will be initial paperwork to fill out. Working with a licensed adoption agency that understands Arizona adoption requirements is important. Knowing you are partnering with a licensed agency like Adoption Choices of Arizona brings peace of mind. The next few months will bring changes to your life and body, and having one less thing to worry about helps! Adoption does not cost a birth mom anything. Your adoption specialist will work to provide you with any needs – housing, transportation, medical, and financial help. You and she can build an adoption plan budget.

Choosing the adoptive family helped me to feel connected to my baby. I was taking control in a situation where a person can feel powerless. The adoption agency provides several family profiles to review. These families have undergone background checks and a 4-6 month Home Study. The adoption agency has conscientiously screened them. This aspect reduces some of the anxiety when you place a baby for adoption. YOU have chosen the family. And you are working with a licensed agency that has carefully selected them. 

Choosing the Type of Adoption and Birth Experience 

Three types of adoption:

  • Open adoption – you will have contact with the adoptive family and child before, during, and after the birth. Open adoption is the best choice if you want to maintain contact with your child and the adoptive family. You can decide how much involvement there will be. Once you meet the adoptive parents and get to know them, you may ask them to be present at the birth. Would you like to be able to celebrate the baby’s birthday? Graduations? There are no rules for open adoption, only what you and the adoptive family agree upon. 
  • Semi-open adoption – adoption is tough! This may be a good choice if you do not feel you can emotionally handle a direct relationship with the child. You can still choose the adoptive family and meet them if you desire. You can also decide how much time you want with your baby at the hospital. After relinquishment, you will receive updates through letters, emails, and photos. You will not be in the child’s life physically, but you will be able to watch them grow up.
  • Closed adoption – the reasons a birth mother chooses a closed adoption are various. This type of adoption is entirely confidential. The only information shared is the birth mom’s health history. You will not meet the adoptive family; once you leave the hospital, both parties will go their separate ways.

Hospital Plan 

  • Not required, but encouraged
  • Hospital room atmosphere
  • Process of Labor
  • Delivery
  • Recovery

There is No Deadline for Choosing the Path of Adoption

You can take your time in considering whether adoption is what you want. It is never too late to decide if you are pregnant and don’t want the baby. However, it may relieve some of the anxiety and pressure if you decide early for adoption in your pregnancy. A common theme in why a birth mother chooses adoption is to provide a better life for their child. It can feel anguishing to “give up your baby.” But you are not in the least giving up. It takes determination and resilience, and most birth moms are strong!

One birth mom, “Jane,” said, “The day she left the hospital was the hardest day. It’s grieving a loss, but “you just have to go with your emotions and let yourself be upset.” Putting your child before your desires is the most UNSELFISH act a mother can do. It is worth acknowledgment. I believe Mother’s Day is for ALL mothers – birth, adoptive, and biological.” 

If you have found yourself with an unplanned pregnancy and are looking for adoption agencies in ArizonaAdoption Choices of Arizona is available 24/7. A birth mom will find compassionate, non-judgmental, and loving adoption specialists who will explain in detail ALL your options. You will have the necessary information to make the best choice for you and your baby.