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What are the Benefits of Adoption?

By Jan Douglas

Placing your baby for adoption is usually filled with different emotions. There are various reasons why a woman chooses adoption. Adoption Choices of Arizona has considerable experience working with pregnant women. Our private adoption agency understands adoption may be a difficult decision. We will always treat you with respect and dignity and ensure you receive the birth mother benefits you need. Adoption can mean a wonderful life for your unborn baby. And although it may feel like “giving up,”; it is often the more courageous choice. 

If you are a pregnant woman and seeking adoption help, we are a private, local adoption agency licensed by the state of Arizona. We have given support and assistance to numerous pregnant women. We can help with adoption in Yuma and adoption in Chandler, as well as Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff. Our adoption specialists will walk the adoption journey with you. 

The Multiple Benefits of Adoption

Adoption is unique for each individual, and it comes with a multitude of points of view.

A birth mother might say, “My baby will grow up in a better home with better opportunities.” An adoptive parent may think, “We can start our family.” An adoptee may be grateful for the love and a wonderful home. Yet, despite the particular circumstances and reasons for each adoption, some common advantages exist.

The Advantages of Adoption for Birth Mothers

There are different reasons a woman may place a baby for adoption. She may not be financially able to care for a child or even an additional child. She may be single and does not have a partner or anyone to help raise the child. An unplanned pregnancy can delay or halt an education, career, or other goals. She may not want to terminate the pregnancy but is not ready or capable of raising a child.

Expectant mothers who choose adoption are often in challenging or troublesome situations in their life. Often for reasons outside of their control. They may not be financially or emotionally able to raise a child or another child. However, there are many advantages when choosing adoption for birth mothers. Placing a child for adoption with a loving family can be a great comfort to a birth mother.

Often, women who choose adoption:

  • Will finish school
  • Usually, marry and less likely to divorce
  • Gain employment one year after adoption
  • Achieve their higher educational aspirations
  • Normally do not have an unplanned pregnancy again
  • Are less likely to live in poverty and receive public assistance

One advantage for many birth mothers is the ability to stay involved in the child’s life. Open adoption as part of the adoption plan allows her to keep in contact with the adoptive family and child. Depending on the details, a birth parent may receive letters, emails, photos, phone calls, and in-person visits. The birth mother will decide on these particular aspects through the adoption process

The Advantages of Adoption for the Adoptive Family

The greatest benefit for the adoptive couple is finally becoming parents. Many adoptive families have been waiting years to either start or add to their families. 

Other advantages for adoptive families include the following:

  • Receiving the joy and blessing of the child or adding a child to their family
  • Fulfillment of the dream of raising a child
  • Ability to provide a loving home to a child
  • Opportunity to form a relationship with the birth parent(s)

The Advantages of Adoption for Adopted Children

The most important person in the adoption process is the adoptee. “Adoptees are children raised by adoptive families in the adoptive process.” Today, many more families are waiting to adopt than there are children to be adopted. These families usually have financial resources, but most importantly, love and dedication to persist in their dream of adoption. Adoptees will most likely grow up in a family that their birth mother lovingly and selflessly chose for them. 

Other advantages include the following:

  • Committed parents and a stable home
  • More significant opportunities and resources
  • Often better health
  • More one-on-one attention from parents
  • Grow up in a house with an emphasis on higher education
  • Tend to be more involved in extracurricular activities
  • Similarly well-adjusted as their peers

Adoptees have a special gift of knowing they are wanted most passionately by their parents. And if it is an open adoption, they will experience the joy of also knowing their birth parent. 

Adoption Can Benefit Everyone Involved

Women like you choose adoption every day. Pregnant women choosing adoption understand the benefits of adoption. They are full of courage and honesty. Expectant mothers know adoption may give their unborn baby a better and more wonderful life. Open adoption can create an ongoing relationship between the birth mom and the child. Adoption is more widely accepted today. And can be an option for any woman experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and considering adoption for any reason.

Adoption Choices of Arizona would love to answer any questions you may have. One of our adoption specialists is available 24/7.