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Unplanned Pregnancy During Quarantine

As most of the world settles into new routines of social distancing, men and women are likely to have a bit more free time at home together… And by now, we have all seen the jokes for a baby boom. Say, in 9 months or so.

All joking aside, if you have found yourself facing an unplanned pregnancy during the quarantine, and do not wish to parent, adoption is an option. An expectant woman can choose adoption at any time during her pregnancy. From the moment she discovers the positive test to after the baby is born – adoption is an option.

While stereotypes for who a birth mother is exists, there are no rules. Often we read (see or hear) about teenage pregnancy and choosing adoption, homeless or drug addicted women who choose adoption, and perhaps sexual workers or rape victims who choose adoption. But the truth is, women from ALL walks of life choose adoption. In fact, the average woman who chooses adoption fits none of those stereotypes. She is probably like you! She is unexpectedly pregnant, does not wish to terminate the pregnancy and also doesn’t want to parent – for ANY reason. Adoption is a healthy, loving, responsible option.

An adoption agency will typically welcome an expectant woman as soon as she knows adoption is the best choice for her unborn baby. An adoption specialists will (due to current circumstances – virtually) meet with you right away to discuss options. Over the next weeks, it’s important that you take care of yourself, your unborn baby, and begin making considerations for your adoption plan. We will stay in close contact until intake which is usually around 16 weeks – at this point the legal processes of adoption begin.

At this point we can offer any counseling services, financial assistance, or other resources. Adoption services available to you are tailored to your specific needs – at no cost! You will make decisions about your adoption plan such as the level of openness and choosing an adoptive family. Later in your pregnancy we’ll help you create your hospital and birth plan. We will walk you through all the necessary paperwork, legal processes, and relinquishment.

Many states are restricting nonessential medical procedures so terminating your pregnancy might not be an option right now. We (Adoption Choices) stand behind a woman’s choice when it comes to an unplanned pregnancy. We discuss all your options, not just adoption. We believe in a woman’s freedom to make this choice. Ultimately, you are the only one who can make the best choice for you and your baby. Unfortunately, your options might be restricted during this time. If facing an unplanned pregnancy during this crisis, especially if your options are being restricted, adoption remains an option.

Adoption Choices of Arizona works with women from all walks of life! If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, are considering adoption, and need more information, contact us now by calling or texting: 1-480-900-5520