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As an immigrant coming to the United States, there are so many challenges already when considering citizenship, transition, and a whole mess of other things thrown at you. When faced with pregnancy, those problems can grow exponentially. What resources are there for someone like this who wishes to place their child for adoption? Where can they go?

Adoption Choices is a perfect place to start. We specialize in providing resources for expectant mothers of all different backgrounds, and undocumented birth mothers are no exception. No matter what your reason for placing a child up for adoption, we will help you. If you find yourself struggling with finances involving your pregnancy, Adoption Choices will cover your medical costs where Medicaid is unable to help. Additionally, we can assist you with housing, transportation, and counseling. We want to make sure you and baby are ok throughout pregnancy and after birth.

Because of the confusion and uncertainty that can sometimes surround the topic of undocumented adoption, here are a few FAQs that can help guide a decision to place a child for adoption as an undocumented birth mother whether you are currently pregnant or the baby is already here.

Can undocumented birth mothers place a child up for adoption in the U.S.?

Yes! As long as the child is born in the United States, placing a child for adoption as an undocumented birth mom is perfectly possible and legal. With help from Adoption Choices, placing a child for adoption is painless and full of resources.

Will information about me or my citizenship status be released to immigration officials?

Absolutely not. The information you reveal will never be released to anyone or any party outside the adoption agency.

What will happen to my child after they are born in the U.S.?

Once your child is born in the US, they will automatically become an American citizen and will be assigned a social security number. When they are placed for adoption, Adoption Choices will ensure that your child is adopted by truly good people who perhaps would not have any other opportunity to have a child. These people will give your child a supportive and helpful living situation as a United States citizen.

Remember, that it is completely legal and possible for undocumented birth mothers to place a child up for adoption. Adoption Choices is a resource for all people of all different backgrounds and experiences – especially in the current political climate, we completely understand how scary it is to expose yourself in such a legal situation as adoption. However, no matter how scary it may be, know that Adoption Choices is here to be a resource and safe haven for you to trust. We will never release the information any undocumented person reveals to us to anyone outside the adoption agency. As mentioned before, we strive to be a resource that you can trust completely. If you wish to utilize our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here for you and want to provide you with as many resources as possible.

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