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Understanding Arizona Birth Mothers who Choose Adoption

By Kelly Paczkowski

People might be quick to judge a birth mother with an unexpected pregnancy who chooses to place her baby for adoption. Even though we have come a long way in debunking the stigma surrounding birth mothers, there is also room for improvement. For example, people may think that the birth mother is a young girl who likes to party too much or is addicted to drugs or alcohol. These stereotypes, while sometimes they might be true, very rarely are. The true thing is that birth mothers want to ensure their child is safe, secure, and loved. A birth mother is a woman who has chosen to have their child raised by an adoptive family. The adoptive family is usually one that she has chosen to be her baby’s parents.  

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Understanding Arizona Birth Mothers

1. Placing a Baby for Adoption in Arizona

There are a few things that people should understand about birth mothers. Birth mothers, like you, are women who feel, for whatever reason, are not ready to raise a child. You could have issues with an unsupportive family or be facing financial troubles. You could already have a family or find yourself homeless.  

Birth mothers may find it difficult to talk about an unplanned pregnancy. Finding yourself pregnant without the proper support from family, friends, or a partner can be extremely hard. The saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child, and not having people to back you up and help out makes an unexpected pregnancy situation even more challenging.  

2. Choosing an Arizona Adoption

People may not understand that adoption is not an easy decision nor an easy way out. It is not taken lightly and can be overwhelming, stressful, and heartbreaking. There are many emotions involved in an adoption, and deciding that adoption is the best option for you will take you on an emotional roller coaster. Birth mothers will have to face feelings of guilt, sadness, and fear. While eventually, those feelings will subside, you will still have to face them as they come up. 

While birth mothers have the right to change their minds within a certain time frame, this is no longer possible after the paperwork is signed. In all actuality, birth mothers do not want to undo their decision. They chose adoption for a reason, and after making that decision, they come to terms with it and understand that they are doing it for their child.  

As a birth mother, you will think of your baby often. Choosing an open adoption will allow you to keep open communication between your baby and the adoptive family. You will still see them progress, you will still see them grow, and you will be able to maintain a relationship with them. 

3. Adoption Does Not Mean Giving Up

The ideal situation would be to raise the child yourself. While in a perfect world, there would not be any children needing adoption, the reality is that is not true. You love your baby so much that you are willing to place them for adoption to provide a future for them. A future filled with security, hope, and love.  

There is nothing wrong with wanting what is best for your child, and any good parent would want to secure a bright future. However, adoption is one of the selfless acts of love that any parent can do for their child. 

Working with Adoption Agencies in Arizona

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