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Transracial Adoptions and Why You Should Consider Them

By Moki Murillo

If you are having an unplanned pregnancy, then you are likely looking to place your baby for adoption. While placing your baby for adoption may seem drastic, it is a viable solution for many birth mothers. After all, your child’s future is worth considering all of your options.

Unfortunately, there will be more difficult decisions to make once you start the adoption process. However, private adoptions in Arizona typically allow the birth mother to choose the family that will adopt their baby. Of course, adoption agencies in Arizona are allowed to be more restrictive and cater to certain demographics. Private adoption agencies come from all belief systems, and they might be unwilling to work with outsiders. That being said, we believe in servicing all birth mothers and adoptive families regardless of their demographics. 

Explaining Transracial Adoption

 A transracial adoption involves a family from one racial group adopting a child from a different race. Transracial adoptions can involve families and children of any race combination. When conducting further research into this topic, terms such as multiracial or interracial adoptions might also appear. However, they all describe the same topic.

A birth mother may be tempted to settle with familiar options and choose within their own group. Of course, there is nothing wrong with choosing an adoptive family who shares your race or culture. However, keeping an open mind when looking into families might lead you to your best choice. When it comes to child adoption, your ideal adoptive family might not look like you. This is only a recommendation, of course.

The Challenges of a Transracial Adoption

Unfortunately, bigotry based on race or ethnicity is still present in Arizona and the United States in general. A transracial adoption can present further complications. Many adoption agencies in Arizona report that adoptees in transracial adoptions often face increased bullying in school. A black child adopted by a white family, for example, would likely stand out more in school. Children can be cruel, and bullies often see these differences as an excuse to exercise hate. This can be true for white children adopted by POC families.

Supporting Children in Transracial Adoptions

Thankfully, there are ways to bring more positivity to children in transracial adoptions. Adoptive parents and other parental figures should be supportive when the adoptee faces discrimination. A sympathetic and listening ear can help the child feel more at ease. Additionally, children in transracial adoptions often become more well-adjusted if they have an active connection to their birth culture. While much of this responsibility falls on the adoptive parents, you can have a hand in your child’s development.

Of course, this depends on what type of adoption you pursued. A closed adoption doesn’t allow any opportunity for the birth mother to interact with their child. More open adoptions allow you to teach your child where they came from. These interactions need the adoptive parents’ consent, but you can negotiate these expectations before the adoption is finalized. However, your involvement could be the key to helping your child find balance within their inherited identities.

While the realities of a transracial adoption can be harsh, they aren’t all negative. Adoption Choices of Arizona found that there are benefits in transracial adoptions that can’t be found elsewhere.

Benefit #1: Transracial Adoptions Can Teach Your Child About Diversity

While bigotry is an ugly reality, a transracial adoption can teach your child that love knows no boundaries. They may also have a birth mother who can help them reconcile their birth identity with their adopted one. With the support of loved ones, the adoptee can emerge with a more positive outlook on the world. While there is still ugliness and negativity, there are opportunities for love and joy everywhere.

Benefit #2: Transracial Adoptions Can Help Your Child Adapt to a Global World

In recent years, the world has become more interconnected. More people from different cultures are conducting business overseas and traveling internationally. As such, your child will likely have to interact with someone from a different culture. A transracial adoption, however, could greatly assist in that effort. After all, your child was raised in the space between two different cultures their entire life. While they would still have a ways to go, transracial adoptions could help them get early practice.

Benefit #3: Transracial Adoptions Can Culturally Enrich Everyone Involved

Transracial adoptions often mean that your child would be adopted by a family who are different from you culturally. This can complicate open adoptions as you might not be able to celebrate your holidays with your child. However, there is a silver lining to this possible scenario. If you have the consent of the adoptive parents, then you could celebrate their holidays with your child. Doing so can be a great way to form bonds and happy memories with your child. It is also a culturally enriching experience that you might not normally be able to have. You would also have the opportunity to bond with the adoptive parents, which can put your child at ease. If all goes well, you can even invite the family to celebrate your holidays.

Give Transracial Adoptions a Chance

Private adoption in Arizona is a draining process, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Meeting with adoptive families and connecting with the best one can be emotionally enriching. While the right family for your baby might look like you, you should be open to all of them. After all, true love goes deeper than skin. Although a family may come from a different background, they might be the best partners you can have. In addition to raising your child, this family might let you into their world. Few things in life can offer an opportunity like that.

If you are pregnant and need help with adoption, call Adoption Choices of Arizona today.