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Top 4 Reasons to Recognize National Adoption Month

Publicly recognizing adoption is believed to originally start from Massachusetts in 1976. Michael Dukakis, the governor at the time, declared to celebrate adoption awareness for a week. Roughly a decade later, President Regan officially proclaimed the very first National Adoption Week. As it grew in popularity, it became clear that seven days was not enough time to properly recognize and celebrate adoption. In 1995, President Clinton officially announced November to be National Adoption Month.

Ever since then, National Adoption Month has been celebrated with pride all over the world. This month is a way for birth mothers, adoptees, and adoptive parents to come together in harmony and recognition. It’s a month full of love and support that should be recognized loudly. Here are the top four reasons to recognize National Adoption Month!

1) Spread awareness

Educating the public on all types of adoption will help reduce the stigma behind adoption. Placing a baby for adoption and giving up custody is a very difficult choice, even when it’s believed to be the right choice. Unfortunately, not a lot of people know or understand how modern adoption works, or that it’s a viable option for many. 

Depending on your involvement in the adoption world — birth mother, adoptee, or adoptive parent — you have a unique perspective on adoption and can help spread awareness about adoption realities. Spreading awareness also helps create a closer and healthier adoption community.

2) Advocate for adoption 

Adoption is by far one of the hardest decisions a birth mother will make, but it’s ultimately the greatest choice. Placing her child for adoption means that the birth mother had to acknowledge she wasn’t in the position to raise a baby. Choosing adoption is a much better decision than perhaps abandoning the baby, which unfortunately many mothers do. Adoption makes sure the baby is placed in a safe environment with caring people who will look after them. It’s important for birth mothers to know that adoption is an option.

While it’s important to advocate adoption to birth mothers, it’s just as important to advocate it to potential adoptive parents. As a birth mother, it’s so important to share your story to help encourage and inspire others. You might be able to help motivate potential adoptive parents to take the next step in their adoption journey. You can model adoption-positive language and help normalize non-traditional families. 

3) Encourage birth mothers

Birth mothers are incredibly strong. They are committing one of the most selfless acts by placing their baby for adoption. No birth mother can ever forget her adoption journey, it’s very emotional. One of the most common themes between all birth mothers, is their questioning of their decision. Did I make the right choice? One of the hardest parts of the grieving process is feeling alone. 

National Adoption Month should be celebrated with love and support. It’s important to recognize this month to help encourage birth mothers and bring them comfort in their decision to place their baby for adoption. Placing her child for adoption means that the birth mother had to acknowledge she wasn’t in the position to raise a baby. Many moms feel as though they weren’t good enough. If you know a birth mother, remind her that she is enough. More than enough! She did the best she could with what knowledge she had at the time. If you are a birth mother, always know that you’re a good mom for putting her baby’s needs before her own. 

4) Encourage adoptive parents 

Thank you, adoptive parents! Being a parent can be very challenging and hard work can often go unnoticed. As a birth mother, it’s vital to have a healthy relationship with your child’s adoptive parents. Having this relationship will not only benefit your child, but your mental health as well. Although you should be thankful and appreciative of your child’s adoptive parents always, use National Adoption Month to give an extra thank you. Use this time to acknowledge their hard work and encourage them. 

Top 4 Reasons to Recognize National Adoption Month

National Adoption Month is celebrated by individuals, families, communities, adoption agencies and organizations, and more. Adoption is continued to be recognized by spreading awareness, celebrating adoptees, and encouraging both birth mothers and adoptive parents. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we honor those who have made a difference and support all those involved with adoption.

For adoption resources or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are an prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead, visit us here!

Meet the author: Sarah Aguilera, a Northern Arizona University linguistics and creative writing graduate, is an aspiring author with a passion for influencing others through written words. She has a healthy ardor for all things literature and is often found with a book in her hands. 

When she’s not working, Sarah likes to spend her free time swimming, playing with her dog, going to concerts with friends and having crazy adventures with her family. Her love for her own family is what pushed her to join the adoption writing team. She looks forward to educating those hoping to grow their family through adoption.