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Tips When Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

By Jan Douglas

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be scary. Finding out you are pregnant and don’t want the baby may leave you feeling helpless. One option in Arizona is to place the baby for adoption. If you are pregnant and looking for adoption agencies in Arizona, our adoption agency can provide information about how adoption works. We treat you with respect and dignity and ensure you receive the birth mother benefits you need. 

Coming to terms with being pregnant is often easier said than done. Dealing with an unwanted pregnancy can be an emotional journey. And pregnancy, whether planned or not, is a life-changing event, no matter what you choose. Adoption Choices of Arizona have compassionate adoption specialists available 24 hours a day. We can help you understand the adoption process and help you make the best decision for you and your unborn baby. 

First Step in Accepting an Unplanned Pregnancy

Coping with an unplanned pregnancy is a highly personal process. While this article can’t tell you exactly how to accept pregnancy in your specific circumstances, we have outlined some tips for coping with an unplanned pregnancy. This may help in moving forward with a decision you can feel good about. 

The first step when facing an unplanned pregnancy is to confirm that you are definitely pregnant. It is important to begin caring for yourself and your baby right away. A healthy pregnancy often makes birth easier, even if you decide not to parent your baby. Additionally, taking care of yourself is a healthy way to move forward in coping.

If possible, schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider for your first prenatal visit. If you use alcohol or drugs, stop doing so, as this could harm your baby. Adoption Choices of Arizona offers financial and medical help to pregnant women who need it. One of our adoption specialists can explain the birth mother benefits our adoption agency can help with. 

Coming to Terms with Finding Out About an Unexpected Pregnancy

Take some time to come to terms with being pregnant. An unplanned pregnancy means facing all the complicated emotions that go with it. Coping with an unplanned pregnancy will be a different process for everyone. However, it is likely to involve a range of emotions. If you are feeling shocked, angry, or depressed, this is normal and to be expected.

You may be scared to tell the baby’s father or fear what people will think. Maybe you thought you were being safe and are confused about how this could have happened. All of these thoughts and feelings are okay. The best thing to do is to acknowledge them. Being aware of all the various emotions you are feeling will help you process them more quickly. Taking time to work through these feelings may help you accept an unplanned pregnancy. There is no right or wrong way to deal with an unexpected pregnancy. Be kind to yourself. 

Learn everything you can about your unplanned pregnancy options.

Every pregnant woman ultimately has three options: parenting, abortion, and adoption. As you decide how to deal with your unplanned pregnancy, there are specific questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Parenting: Am I ready to become a mother? Can I financially afford to raise a child? Am I mentally prepared to provide my baby with everything they need? Will I have help raising this child?
  2. Abortion: Is abortion really a “quick fix” to this problem? How much will it cost? Does my state have any laws that may make this choice more difficult?
  3. Adoption: How will I feel about another family raising my child? Will I get to see my baby again? Will this option provide a better life for the child?

Adoption Choices of Arizona will respect a birth mother’s choice when making her decision. There is a lot to think through when considering placing your baby for adoption. 

Connect with a Local Adoption Agency like Adoption Choices of Arizona

A local, private adoption agency will have knowledge and competency in Arizona adoption laws. A local adoption agency can also provide information on the benefits a birth mother may be eligible for in Arizona. Most importantly, though, a local adoption agency means your pregnancy and adoption care is local too. You can meet an adoption specialist face-to-face and form a relationship. Our agency provides counseling support throughout the adoption process and even after birth. An adoption specialist will work with you one-on-one to explain the adoption process. She will help you create an adoption plan personal to you.  

Facing pregnancy, especially when it is unplanned or even unwanted, can feel lonely. During this emotional time in your life, it’s important to have trustworthy people in your life. Our adoption professionals have worked with numerous pregnant women facing unexpected pregnancies. Hopefully, there are people in your life you can lean on for support. If not, your individual adoption specialist can be with you every step of the way. It is important to remember that no one else can tell you how to deal with being pregnant. Nor what choice to make for yourself and your baby. Our adoption specialists can walk with you along this journey.

Finding Peace with an Unplanned Pregnancy 

If you are a pregnant woman and coming to terms with an unexpected pregnancy:

  • Confirm your pregnancy with a doctor
  • Understand you are not alone
  • Know that you have options
  • Realize strong emotions are entirely normal
  • Choose reliable people to share your pregnancy with
  • Seek a local adoption agency like Adoption Choices of Arizona to explain your options and the adoption process

When considering adoption, and looking for adoption agencies in Arizona, our adoption agency is here for ALL women. We will meet with you at one of our locations or a private or public place. Someone is available all the time, at any hour. Call 480-900-5520 to talk with one of our adoption professionals.