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Those Who Choose Adoption: All About the Adoptive Parents

By Tyra Watts

Adoption is one of the most common practices in the United States. The goal of placing your baby for adoption is to ensure that the birth child is placed in a safe and loving home with supportive adoptive parents. Adoption Choices of Arizona wants to ensure that everyone involved in the adoption process, the birth mother, the birth child, and the adoptive parents, are satisfied and that their needs are met. While most adoption agencies discuss the birth child, birth mother, and birth father, adoptive parents are rarely discussed. We at, Adoption Choices of Arizona want to help you learn about all parties.

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Who Are Adoptive Parents?

Adoptive parents are people who are interested in adoption in Arizona. There are many reasons why adoptive parents choose adoption. In the end, the adoptive parents can adopt a child and provide them with support and care.

What is the Adoption Process Like for Adoptive Parents?

For most adoptions, you, the birth mother, control her adoption plan. You have the right to put the child up for adoption, which means that you can choose the adoptive parents and the type of adoption (closed, open, and semi-open) and create a hospital plan. When you start to review family profiles, that’s when the adoptive parents come in. As the birth mother, you may have preferences on what you want in adoptive parents, so our adoption agencies in Arizona will try their best to find adoptive parents that match your needs.

Depending on the type of adoption you choose, an adoption counselor will arrange a meeting with both parties. While placing your baby for adoption, you can keep in touch with the adoptive parents, especially when the due date comes around. The birth parent counselor will be an advocate for you at the hospital. After the baby is born, the adoptive parents will take them home. Next, the birth parent counselor will schedule a court date for you, the birth mother, to give your consent. Lastly, you can have a goodbye dinner with the adoptive parents if you want.

FAQ about Adoption and the Adoptive Parents

1. How Does The Type of Adoption I Choose Affect The Adoptive Parents?

The type of adoption you choose can affect the relationship between you and the adoptive parents in many ways. For instance, open adoption allows you to choose the family that adopts your baby. If you choose an open adoption, you and the adoptive parents can remain in contact with one another during and after the adoption has been finalized. It all depends on the adoptive parents. For some, you can receive updates on how your birth child is doing, whether it is through e-mail or written letters. However, for others, you cannot visit your birth child until they are older. Despite this, some adoptive parents take in the birth mother as if they are a part of their family and invite them to major celebrations.

Meanwhile, with a closed adoption, you and the adoptive parents have zero contact with one another, and adoption agencies in Arizona are primarily in control of the adoption. Therefore, the birth mother does not receive information about the adoptive parents and vice versa. The only thing that is shared with the adoptive parents is medical information about the birth mother.

Lastly, with a semi-open adoption, you still have a say in which adoptive parents you want to select. Contact between you and your adoptive parents throughout the adoption process is somewhat seldom, but it all depends on the preferences between you and the adoptive parents. After the adoption is finalized, there’s not a lot of contact between you and the adoptive parents post-adoption.

2. How Do I Know if the Adoptive Parents Are Right for My Child?

This all depends on what you want in adoptive parents. For example, if you want your child to be raised by same-sex adoptive parents, then we can assist you with that and show you same-sex adoptive parents’ profiles for you to choose from. Additionally, our Arizona adoption agencies screen and do background checks on all adoptive parents. You need to know that there is always a family waiting to love your child. If an adoptive couple is not the one for you, there’s always another one waiting for you.

3. Do I Have to Pay for Adoption?

No. Adoption is free for birth mothers at no cost. We also provide financial and medical assistance, housing, and support counseling for birth mothers throughout the adoption and even after the adoption is finalized. If eligible, financial assistance will help pay your expenses up to six weeks after delivery.

We at Adoption Choices of Arizona Are Here To Help

Placing your baby for adoption can be very difficult. That’s why at Adoption Choices of Arizona, we specialize in pregnant moms and birth family adoption services. The adoption journey is unique to each person, and we are always here to help you. We treat you with respect and dignity and ensure you receive the birth mother benefit you need. 

For adoption resources or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call us at or text us at 602-922-0408. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please, instead, visit us here!