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The Role of the Birth Father in Adoption

By Moki Murillo

When it comes to the adoption process, much of the focus and sympathy is placed on the birth mother. Adoption agencies in Arizona allow the birth mother to take charge of placing their baby for adoption. However, this doesn’t mean that the birth father is not involved in the adoption process at all. If you want a private adoption in Arizona, you need to stay informed of the birth father’s legal rights.

What is Needed From the Birth Father During Adoption

As you know, both a father and a mother are required to have a baby. As a biological parent of the adoptee, the birth father also has paternal rights to the child. This means that placing your baby for adoption requires the birth father’s consent. Having that consent from the beginning will allow the adoption process to proceed smoothly. However, that won’t always be the case.

If the birth father is absent, they will need to be found before the adoption can continue. Of course, there are cases where the birth father is nowhere to be found. In that case, you would need to go to court and provide proof that a search was made. The court should then terminate the absent father’s paternal rights, allowing the adoption to proceed normally. But even if you find the birth father, there are no guarantees they will give the adoption their consent. In that case, you would have to go to court and have the birth father’s parental rights terminated.

Thankfully, we at Adoption Choices of Arizona have experience with dealing with the legal issues surrounding adoption. In addition to assisting private adoptions in Arizona, we also support our birth mothers with various adoption services. If you are eligible, these services can include providing legal counsel at no cost to you. We can help you find your child’s birth father if they are absent. If the birth father is opposing the adoption, we can advise and aid you in court. While success is not guaranteed, we will try to push the adoption forward by any means necessary.

The Birth Father as an Adoption Partner

You won’t always have to fight your child’s birth father in a court of law, however. In fact, many birth mothers going through an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption are already married. Oftentimes, the birth mother’s partner both consents to the adoption and wants to get involved in it. If this applies to you and your partner, you are certainly allowed to proceed as a unit through adoption. This can also be the case even if the two of you are not married.

In an ideal scenario, the birth father should act as the birth mother’s decision-making partner. Our adoption agencies in Arizona allow birth mothers to customize how open or closed the adoption is. An open adoption, for example, allows you to maintain contact with your child if the adoptive parents consent. Choosing an open adoption also allows the birth parents to choose their child’s adoptive family. Your child’s birth father should help you decide how to go about the adoption.  

The birth father may also have their own desires about the adoption, which could conflict with your own. While your wants are also valid, you two should have an open conversation and make compromises. In our experience, the adoption process will go more smoothly if both parents are on the same page.

The Birth Father as Emotional Support Through Adoption

As the birth mother, you will have to go through the physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy. This experience can also worsen any anxieties and other negative feelings that you may already have. As such, it is especially important that you take care of your mental health during this time. An important step to take would be to break out of self-isolation, which is often harmful to mental health. In an ideal situation, both birth parents should be able to emotionally support one another. After all, the birth father often shares similar feelings, such as insecurity about parenthood. At the very least, your shared journey into adoption will give you a common ground to build upon.

Adoption Choices of Arizona can help both of you through this journey thanks to our adoption services. If you are eligible, you and your partner could have access to various mental health services for free. This can include multiple forms of therapy and mental health retreats. We even have support groups, where you can connect with like-minded birth parents.

Finding Support in Adoption

Every birth mother’s adoption journey will be different. The adoption process will most likely not be an easy path to walk. It helps if you already have an existing support network to help lighten any emotional toll. Unfortunately, not every birth mother has that kind of support. As you have seen, some birth fathers even add to this adversity. Regardless of your situation, Adoption Choices of Arizona will most definitely be in your corner. In addition to our adoption services, we can offer you guidance and a listening ear if you need it.

If you are having an unplanned pregnancy and need help with child adoption, call Adoption Choices of Arizona today.