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If you are considering adoption, congratulations! You’ve made a powerful brave decision and you are about to embark on an exciting journey! As amazing as adoption can be it can also prove to be a difficult one to navigate. Especially if you don’t have the understanding and resources to guide you through it. Lucky for you, we at Adoption Choices of Arizona are dedicated to making you sure you know what you need to know about the adoption process!

Where to Start

The best place to start your adoption journey is with research. The adoption community is a welcoming one and will provide you a wealth of information! There are many support groups and networking for both birth parents and adoptive parents. You can search for in-person support groups near you or find an online community!

For Adoptive Parents in Arizona: one of the biggest decisions you will need to research and consider at the beginning of the process is what type of child you’re ready to welcome into your life. Are you determined to adopt a newborn? What are your feelings about adopting internationally or domestically? Do you have a preference on gender? Are you open to adopting a child of a different race? These are all important questions to reflect on before you rush into the process. An outside source, like an adoption counselor, can help you better grasp all that goes into the adoption process and help answer your questions. Adoptive Parent Call or Text 1-480-999-4788

In addition, these early stages of the process will prove the most crucial from an emotional readiness standpoint. It’s important to ask yourself (and your adoption counselor) the tough questions at this stage: Are you fully committed to adoption? Have you made peace with the reality of not having a child biologically? If this is a decision that you and your partner are making together, are you both fully on the same page? Is your life in a sufficiently secure and stable place for you to even consider bringing a new person into it?

For Birth Parents in Arizona: one of the biggest decisions you will need to research and consider at the beginning of the process is what type of adoption are you considering? Open, semi-open, or closed? Do you have certain preferences for the adoptive parents such as age, religion, state, race, or sexual orientation? There are many important questions to consider and an adoption counselor will walk you through the process and make a plan that is best for you. Expectant Parent Call or Text 1-480-900-5520

Before beginning the adoption process, you must realize that this is the last time you will make decisions that solely affect you (and your partner). Once you feel 100% ready to move forward with adoption, it’s time to reach out to the experts.

Working with Adoption Choices of Arizona

Now that you’ve determined that you’re emotionally and mentally ready to move forward with adoption, the next step is to partner with Adoption Choices of Arizona that can help mediate the process of your adoption journey. We will assist adoptive parents in building their family and birth parents in making the plan that is best for them. All personal preferences will be considered and we will provide you top notch quality service.

Adoption Choices of Arizona is a private adoption agency. We are licensed and regulated by the state of Arizona. While Adoption through private agencies can be more expensive (always free for birth parents!!), you will appreciate the improved quality of care, and also the increased influence over the adoption plan (for both birth parent and adoptive parent desires). We provide a level of intimacy and hands-on guidance that other organization cannot.

Cost of Adoption

For Adoptive Parents in Arizona: the cost of bringing a new baby in your life is an expensive one. Chances are, if you are exploring adoption, you have some understanding of the adoption cost, and have some sort of savings plan or fundraising in place. If not, it’s okay, you can still get started. Here is a list of resources! Consider you need to be financially prepared for the logistics of the adoption process and the investment requirements of raising a child.

For Birth Parents in Arizona: there is no cost to place your child for adoption. In fact, Adoption Choices of Arizona can make sure your bills are paid throughout your pregnancy. We will make sure that you have prenatal care from excellent doctors and nurses, and a birth plan that will meet your needs. Additionally, If you are in a housing crisis or don’t have a safe home, we can arrange a clean, safe, and comfortable place to stay during and after your pregnancy.

The Role of Birth Parents and the Adoption Registry

There are few involved parties more important to the adoption process than the prospective birth mother. Early on in your partnership with our adoption agency, we will ask you to fill out an in-depth questionnaire and adoption profile to better understand the adoption opportunities you are looking for. Much of the focus of these questionnaires and profiles will be measuring which prospective birth mothers may be a good fit for your adoption aspirations. It is imperative to be one-hundred-percent honest during this stage with what you will consider and won’t consider accepting in your future child. Anything in the realm of gender, age, nationality, and medical condition is likely to come up, so it would be wise of you to do your research and discuss any difficult decisions with your partner ahead of time.

The adoption registry or profile that you create may prove to be your most direct resource for “communicating” with prospective birth mothers. We encourage prospective birth mothers to use these profiles to learn more about potential families and adoptive parents, which can make the process of filling it out more stressful for adoptive parents, since it may prove to be the difference maker between your family and another on the next page. Fill out your profile as honestly and warmly as you can, and include any and all details about your personality, family, home and aspirations for your future child.

Parents Magazine recently reported that “Up to 90 percent [of birth mothers] choose their child’s adoptive parents and communicate with them before and after the adoption.” The relationship with the birth mother will prove the most important one you build throughout the adoption process.

It’s important to remind yourself throughout this process that good things take time; ultimately, there are a host of external factors that will impact when “things” happen during the adoption process. Try your best to maintain a normal lifestyle, and remain positive that your desired outcome is on its way.

While the adoption process is arduous, the results are decidedly worth it. And for the majority of adoptive parents and birth parents, the process is not nearly as overwhelming, expensive or time-consuming as they expect.

If you have any questions about the adoption process in Arizona, please contact Adoption Choices of Arizona today!
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