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Teen Pregnancy: Choosing Adoption in Arizona

Unplanned teen pregnancy is an issue broadcasted on multiple TV networks for the chance to attract viewers. Usually, reality shows depicting such an issue it is filled with drama, profanity, or more. Birth mothers on the show raise the child or, in some cases, put their baby up for adoption, which is rare. Due to such notions being distributed to the onlookers, mostly young adults and teenagers, who unexpectedly become pregnant may think this will be their reality. 

Adoption Choices of Arizona wants you to know that is not true. Shows are made for the sake of attracting views and receiving money. When you see scenes on those shows, they are edited, changed, or are made to create a different narrative. Doing such embarks viewers to continue to tune in to watch the shows, which is why Adoption Choices of Arizona doesn’t want you to believe this will be your life with a child. We also want you to know all of your options besides raising your baby that Adoption Choices of Arizona can assist you with. 

We are a private but local adoption agency founded and established in 2011. We have agencies located in different locations within Arizona: Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff to assist you and multiple birth mothers.   

If you need adoption help now, please call or text us at 1-480-900-5520 or visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona.

I am a Pregnant Teen, What are My Unplanned Pregnancy Options Other than Raising a Child?

If you are pregnant with an unwanted baby and live in Arizona, Adoption Choices of Arizona can support and help you during such a time. 

When faced with different options that don’t revolve around raising the child, you have the option of abortion, which is the process of terminating the baby instead of continuing to carry the child for nine months and giving birth to him/her. Adoption Choices of Arizona doesn’t judge you if you make a decision to end your pregnancy. We support you but would like you to know there can be harmful effects on you mentally due to certain negative thoughts that can transpire after the abortion. 

Another option is adoption which is where Adoption Choices of Arizona can help you with. Adoption is when you give up your parental rights, and legally a set of parents or parents would become that child’s adoptive parents without any biological relation. Before such actions are taken, a process is taken place, including learning about the different types of adoption. We provide all three, which are opened, closed, and semi-opened. Knowing the difference between each type of adoption is vital, which we explain to you during the process of placing your baby for adoption

  • Closed Adoption: You put your baby up for adoption and have the option of choosing the parents that will adopt your baby after being provided profiles of them. However, the profiles of the parents will have little information, such as no last names and addresses being provided. You would be anonymous to the parents except for the health records of you and your family that will be given to the parents once the child is in their custody. During the pregnancy, there shall not be any contact between you or the adoptive family. After the birth of your baby, the child shall be given to the adoptive parents, and there shall be no contact between the two parties. 
  • Semi-Open Adoption: Much like closed adoption, but different in certain ways, the birth mother chooses the adoptive parents or parent. Information about each party is limited to none, and there are interactions between both parties in the form of mail, calls, photos, or more. However, such interchanges would be facilitated by Adoption Choices of Arizona as a third party during your pregnancy. After the child is born, contact between the adoptive family and you will no longer be intact. 
  • Open Adoption: Completely the opposite of closed adoption due to the process. You are to choose the adoptive families with the information provided on each family, unlike others where identities are anonymous or almost anonymous. Also, contact shall happen between both parties, and a relationship develops between them. When the child is born and given to the adoptive parents’ contact shall still be instated. Communication will happen in the form of text, calls, emails, or sometimes you can become a new member of the family. 

I’m a College Student with a Part-Time Job, Will the Adoption Process in Arizona be Extensive? 

The adoption process in Arizona can vary depending on the types of adoption and court system. There is never a time stamp on the adoption process because the future is never clear. 

Though as a private adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Arizona, we are able to work around your schedule if need be. If you are in school, we support and believe in education wholeheartedly, so as long as we are informed about the times you are available, we will abide by them. If something were to come up last minute, we would notify you to see if you’re available. If you are not, we will definitely work our way around it and support you. 

Adoption Choices of Arizona understands if you are a college student and working, your time may be limited. We will continue to support you regardless of making the adoption process as short and less complicated as possible. 

We would like you to continue with your education and hope you were coming to Adoption Choices of Arizona will be your choice!

How Can I Handle the Judgment from Family Members and Friends About My Plans for Adoption? 

Do not worry about the people around you. The main focus for you right now is to take care of yourself and your health due to carrying your baby. Stress can affect your pregnancy and you mentally, and if not during the pregnancy, you or the baby can be affected after the baby is born. 

It is normal for people to judge you due to your decisions pertaining to Arizona adoption plans because of the stigma around child adoption, but it is your choice. Not to mention if you were to keep the baby, you would raise that child, not those around you. Adoption Choices of Arizona understand having those around you that you love judging you and showing you no support is hurtful. Know if you need or want support Adoption Choices of Arizona is here for you. Not to mention we can provide information to your family or friends in order for them to learn more about adoption.

For adoption resources or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead, visit us here!

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