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Starting a Holiday Tradition in Transracial Adoption as a Birth Mother

The cozy winter holidays can be a very important time for many people, and this time of year is often filled with memories from those we hold dear to us. Especially in a time when connecting with others can often prove difficult, establishing traditions with loved ones and growing closer to one another should be a top priority this holiday season! For birth mothers looking forward to the season of giving, there may be no greater gift you can give than starting a holiday tradition with your child’s adoptive family.

It can be difficult sometimes to figure out how to adapt to a different culture outside of what you are familiar with, whether that is simply having a different way of celebrating the same holiday or celebrating an entirely separate holiday completely. Despite this, there can be several uniting themes at the center of many cultures and holidays this time of year that remain constant throughout: togetherness and wellbeing. 

Ultimately, your child could benefit from having you be a part of their holidays this season, and bridging the transracial gap can be a rewarding experience for you, your child, and the adoptive family.

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Overcoming and Understanding Transracial Adoption

When choosing to put your child up for adoption, having a transracial adoption can present a unique opportunity to give your child greater social awareness and understanding in a time when those qualities are needed more than ever. For you, this can also present an opportunity to learn more about other cultures in your search for a good adoptive family to make a part of both you and your child’s lives. There are many differences in the ways we all choose to celebrate our respective holidays this time of year, and your child will have a chance to absorb multiple different aspects of them in a transracial home. 

This melding of cultures and traditions can be a vibrant part of the holiday season when family feels more important and the time we spend together becomes a celebration. In the spirit of the season, consider your impact as a birth mother on your child’s future as this special time of the year comes around. Your child would appreciate having their family be a part of their celebrations this year, both adoptive and biological, and you can help connect the two by starting a holiday tradition in a transracial adoption as a birth mother!

Holiday Traditions for Birth Mothers and Adoptive Families

For the upcoming holiday season, there are lots of things you can do to keep in touch and preserve a special bond between you and your child alongside their adoptive family. Sometimes, simple gestures such as writing a letter or sending a holiday or Christmas card can mean a lot to everyone involved. Even more, as a birth mother, you could consider arranging a visit to celebrate the holidays in person as an option with the adoptive family. An adoptive family who loves and cares for your child will more than likely pass on similar traditions to them, including things such as gift giving, so this could be an option as well for establishing a tradition to spread some holiday cheer! 

Ultimately, knowing that their birth mother has them in their thoughts and is reaching out to them might just be enough for your biological child, and that may be a gift in and of itself. The decision is up to you, and there are lots of options for celebrating the holidays that can help bridge the gap between cultures and families to bring everyone closer together. When taking part in a transracial adoption, consider talking with the adoptive parents to learn more about their culture, as well as to let them know about your traditions and celebrations this December. Communication between all of you will help to create a meaningful tradition that could last for years to come and be a fond memory to return to every holiday season. 

Holidays in a Transracial Adoption

This holiday season, consider taking some time to learn more about the values and traditions your child is being raised with in their transracial home. Discover how to adapt to a different culture in creating a connection with your household and theirs. The holidays are ultimately a time for giving and celebrating, and sometimes that may be easier for some than it is for others. Don’t let anything stand in your way when it comes to starting a holiday tradition in transracial adoption as a birth mother this year.

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