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Single Parent Adoption: What You Need to Know   

By Edward Harding

Are you a single man or woman contemplating adoption in Yumaadoption in Chandler, or the surrounding area? You may even be asking yourself the question, “Can I adopt if I’m single?” Fortunately, that answer is yes!

While the “traditional” family structure has certainly changed in the U.S., there is still hesitation on the part of some professionals to accept single-parent adoption. This hesitation is reflected in the varying policies of adoption agencies.

Single women and men may adopt through Adoption Choices of Arizona. ​We provide private adoption throughout Arizona. Our specialists provide high-quality adoption help to many single parents throughout various parts of their adoption process. Whether you are completing a home study, participating in pre-adoption education, or post-adoption services, Adoption Choices can help.

Why Consider Single-Parent Adoption in Arizona?    

Single-parent adoption is more common than you might think. According to a recent National Survey of Adoptive Parents, around one-third of all U.S. adoptions happen in single-family homes. Additionally, the number of single-parent placements in domestic and inter-country adoption is continually increasing. 

Birth mothers often choose single-parent adoption for a few key reasons. 

  • Most single adoptive parents are most likely to adopt older children than infants and are less likely to have been foster parents to the adopted child.
  • Single-parent applicants are self-selective. Most applicants have high levels of emotional maturity and a high capacity for frustration. Typically, they are independent but linked to a supportive network of relatives.
  • As a group, the single-parent adopters of U.S. children tended to adopt “special needs” children who were older, minority, and/or handicapped children.

If you are considering placing a baby for adoption or your child falls into one of these categories, single-parent adoption may be for you.

Benefits of Single-Parent Adoption in Arizona

If you are a single parent looking for adoption help, chances are you may still have some reservations about placement with a single family. Perhaps you fear your child will not get the care they deserve or be placed into a poor financial situation. While these fears are certainly reasonable to have, they are far from the truth of the matter. The adjustment rates of children adopted into single-parent homes equate to the adjustment rates of children adopted in traditional households.

Furthermore, single parents looking to adopt must undergo the same pre-screening and application process as couples. At Adoption Choices, we validate every candidate’s suitability and ensure they can provide adequate care for a child. Single-parent households are just as committed as traditional families and will give your child the love they deserve. In fact, in some cases, single-parent households are more likely to feel like the outcome of their efforts was positive. 

Contrary to popular belief, single parents can often devote more attention to their children. As a result, single parents are more likely to adopt children that may require additional support. Children with special needs adopted into single-parent homes were shown to have fewer overall problems receiving adequate home care.  

The Single Parent Profile

Single adoptive parents can come from a variety of different backgrounds. However, most often, women are more likely to adopt children as single parents than men. Also, single-parent applicants generally have high emotional stability, as well as a support network of family and friends. These people can help them raise an adopted child just as well as a traditional family. 

Think of them as added benefactors who may enrich your child’s life in unforeseen ways.     

Why would someone choose to adopt while still single, you ask? Single parents often pursue parenthood for similar reasons married parents do. They might be unable to conceive children themselves or simply wish to give an unfortunate child a new home. Whatever the reason, you can feel secure in the fact that a single parent is nevertheless still a loving parent. 

Contact adoption agencies in Arizona

If you are searching for the “best adoption agencies in Arizona,” then you’ve found the right place. Adoption Choices of Arizona is awaiting your call. We treat you with respect and dignity and ensure you get the birth mother benefits you need. We offer a wide variety of adoptive families to choose from. No matter. If you’re looking for a single parent or a traditional family, we can find a suitable candidate to meet your child’s needs. We have locations across Arizona and reach many clients searching for adoption in Yuma or adoption in Chandler. Talk with your specialist about choosing single-parent adoption, and start creating your adoption plan today.