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Shattering the Stigma of Giving Up a Baby for Adoption

By Rachel Tonucci

Adoption is a complex topic that carries with it a stigma in our society. Many people have limited knowledge about adoption from a birth mother’s standpoint. The adoption process involves multiple parties, including birth mothers who decide to place their child for adoption. If you are exploring adoption agencies in Arizona, you need look no further than Adoption Choices of Arizona. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge about the adoption process in Arizona to reduce the misconceptions surrounding adoption. Through consultation services with our specialists, you’ll learn that placing your baby for adoption does not mean giving your baby up. 

Reasons Birth Mothers May Choose Adoption

To reduce stigma, it’s imperative to understand the reasons behind a birth mother’s choice to place a child for adoption. While every birth mother’s situation is different, that doesn’t make your decision any less difficult. Some common reasons to consider adoption include:

  • Lack of support. Raising a child requires various support systems in place that you may not have right now. A private adoption in Arizona means the adoption agency can be that support for you. The birth mother has access to an adoption specialist who provides individual counseling.
  • Financial instability. Giving birth is expensive. The choice to adopt is never at any cost to the birth mother. Using adoption agencies in Arizona means getting assistance in paying your medical bills and creating a budget plan.
  • Age.  A birth mother may feel that they are too old to be able to raise a child. They also might be too young. With an Arizona adoption, you offer your child better opportunities. Placing your baby for adoption is a selfless and courageous decision. You are placing the needs of your child above your own.
  • Disapproval from family. This is especially difficult if the family has been providing financial support or housing. There is also the emotional support from the family that the birth mother has now lost.
  • Unknown or uninvolved birth father. Facing the future as a single parent is daunting, especially if you have lost your other support systems, like family. Private adoption in Arizona means giving a willing family, couple, or individual the opportunity to be a loving parent.
  • Personal health. You never know what someone is going through. The birth mother could be suffering from mental health issues. They could also have been diagnosed with a long-term illness. Adoption agencies allow an unplanned pregnancy to be handled with respect and care through highly qualified adoption specialists.

The Birth Mother’s Emotional Journey

Birth mothers report that the choice to place their baby for adoption is the most difficult decision they have made. An unexpected pregnancy can bring on a wide range of emotions. Feelings of shock, anger, and depression are normal at this stage. When faced with this sudden life change, give yourself time to process your thoughts and feelings. When searching for unplanned pregnancy help, finding professional Arizona adoption agencies like Adoption Choices of Arizona can help immensely. We provide support groups and counseling to help you understand all of your options at this time.

Your emotional journey during the adoption process will likely include grief and feelings of loss. Because of the emotional complexity of your choice, there’s a natural grieving process and a range of emotions you’ll experience. While that makes the process challenging, you will always be in control. You are not giving up your baby. You are selflessly choosing to give them a life you aren’t able to. The professionals at adoption agencies in Arizona will never judge you for your decision. Rather, they will show you the empathy someone making such a complex decision deserves.

The Strength of the Birth Mother

Placing your baby for adoption illustrates your incredible strength and resilience as a birth mother. Part of the reason you may not recognize this fact is because of myths surrounding child adoption. One of the biggest myths is that birth mothers give up their babies. Nothing could be further from the truth. Much of this has to do with outdated practices surrounding closed adoptions. Today, many birth mothers choose semi-open or open adoptions which allow for a relationship with their child. Regardless of the type of adoption you choose, your decision illustrates an act of selflessness. 

Another myth is that birth mothers do not love their babies. Unconditional love means giving your baby the best future possible. The courage demonstrated by a birth mother in this regard is the greatest act of love. That’s why it’s difficult to hear people repeat another myth: that adoption is an “easy way out.” Every birth mother knows this decision is anything but easy, and to imply otherwise is extremely disrespectful.

If you are a birth mother in Arizona wondering, “Are there adoption agencies near me?”, contact Adoption Choices of Arizona. We reduce the stigma surrounding adoption by empowering you with knowledge so you can feel confident about your decision. The resilience, courage, and selflessness of a birth mother are traits we teach you to see in yourself.