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Self-Care for AZ Birth Mothers Navigating Adoption During May

By Jan Douglas

If you are a pregnant woman placing your baby for adoption, Mother’s Day can be challenging. The first few weeks of May are all about Mothers. Everything around you – commercials, advertisements in public, even the grocery store, are reminders of this day celebrated especially for moms. If you do not already have an adoption support group, adoption agencies in Arizona can help you find one. It can help to share your heartache with others dealing with similar pain. 

If you are working with Adoption Choices of Arizona, your birth mother specialist is an excellent resource. She is there to support you mentally and emotionally throughout the entire adoption process. A birth mom may begin to feel worn down during this time. There are signs all around you commemorating moms. It’s okay if you start to feel sad and depressed. That is normal. However, you do not want to spiral downward too long or too far. It’s important to be aware of this struggle and seek help. There are self-care practices that may help a birth mom during this time.

Remind Yourself Why You Have Chosen Adoption 

You made a brave choice when you started on this adoption journey. Perhaps you were seeking unplanned pregnancy help and decided adoption was the right path. You met with your birth mother specialist and created an adoption plan. What were your reasons for choosing a private adoption? Sometimes it can help to list why you decided on adoption. After making your list, write down all the negative emotions swirling through your mind and body—journal about each one. No one else will see these words except you. Then begin to think about all the positive outcomes of choosing adoption. Write them down too. Maybe you will need to reread your words every day. You can add to it if more emotions pop up or you become aware of hopeful reasons for desiring adoption. 

Journaling can be a helpful way to monitor and balance your emotions. Even if you are jotting down a few sentences, it helps to release negative sensations. And don’t forget the positive! Write down all you have accomplished – making a personalized adoption plan, selecting and possibly meeting the adoptive family, and deciding on a hospital/birth plan. Remind yourself how far you have come and the resilience you have shown. While adoption can be a beautiful choice, it is also bittersweet. It takes a strong person to place a baby for adoption. A birth mother is ALL of these things.

Helpful Self-Care Ideas for Birth Moms During the Month of May

What kinds of practices calm your body? 

  • Leisurely walks
  • Hot Showers/Baths
  • Losing yourself in a book or movie
  • Meditation
  • Baking bread or cookies, which also leaves a lovely scent in your home

Connecting with others

  • Meeting for lunch
  • Going for a hike 
  • Enjoying coffee or tea at a coffee shop
  • Seeing a movie
  • Window shopping

Slowing down

  • Allow yourself time to grieve
  • Sleeping in or taking a nap
  • Calling a trusted friend 
  • Reaching out to your adoption specialist
  • Staying present – being aware of how you are feeling

Only you know what you truly need to stay on your path. Healthy nutrition, exercise, and connecting with loved ones are always beneficial, especially when your heart hurts. Sometimes people can turn inwards and shut the world out when experiencing pain. If you see yourself going down this road, force yourself to step away and make a different choice. If you need to ask someone to check in on you, ask. 

You are Not Alone in Choosing Adoption in Arizona

Most importantly, know you are not alone. One of the benefits of choosing a local adoption agency is that it is in your city. If you google adoption agencies near me, you will find several locations for Adoption Choices of Arizona. If you have just begun your adoption journey, this may be a good time to start working on your adoption and birth plan. Your birth mother specialist can meet with you as much as you need. Staying busy can help take your mind off of persistent negative thoughts or emotions. You can review adoptive families, decide on one, and meet with them if you have chosen open adoption. This new family may be a source of love and strength for you. 

Remember that this can be an exciting and valuable time in your life. Adoption is a life-changing event. Walk through these months with your head held high. Mother’s Day does not specify a particular kind of mother. It includes ALL mothers. Whether you are an adoptive mom, a birth mom, or a stepmom, this day is a celebration inclusive of you!

Maybe you came across our website because you recently found out about an unplanned pregnancy. If you are searching for adoption agencies in Arizona, a birth mom specialist is available 24/7. Finding out about adoption can be exciting!