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Reflecting on Your Adoption Decision: Celebrating Your Strength and Courage

By Jennah Gunter 

Placing your baby for adoption with a new family is a physical and emotional crossroads. It is an important time not only for the baby but also for you as a courageous and loving mother. The path of adoption is life-changing, and it takes strength and bravery to get through the process. A complex mix of emotions makes adoption the toughest call a mother can make. 

If you think about it, birth parents already have so much on their plate. Many live with improper housing, a lack of unplanned pregnancy help, or just getting food on the table. These may be difficulties that you face, too. Though your difficulties come in different forms, like unplanned pregnancy, you deserve to be heard. It is your right as a parent to express feelings that may, understandably, be overwhelming while placing your child up for adoption. 

Adoption Choices of Arizona believes that every mother has the right to place her child on the most beneficial path for a safe and fulfilling life. We understand that mothers, just like you, can experience feelings of grief and loss. Your emotions can be intense and sometimes result in unbearable shame. However, we are here to provide you with information to empower you to make your decision. Our organization will gently guide you through this process of ups and downs. It is important not only to support children during the adoption process but also to support you. Follow along as we showcase some of the struggles mothers face during adoption. You will see how you can be encouraged to power through these difficult times like the champion you are. 

Your Decision to Place Your Child Up for Adoption

Placing your child with a new family for adoption is not just a simple decision or a process; it’s an act of selfless love. As a mother, you have made this choice fully empowered. Know that you are setting the stage for your child to thrive and realize their fullest potential from the very earliest days of their life. Your choices are intentional, thought out, and made with only your child’s best interests, even when that means opening your heart to a new family. Adoption does not need to be born from loss. Rather, birth parents like you are dedicating themselves to a journey that will reward children with full and enriched lives.   

A Rollercoaster of Emotions During The Adoption Process

Adoption, for birth mothers, can often bring about feelings of loss, grief, and pain. While you might be familiar with the feeling of losing a loved one, birth mothers specifically can feel grief over the loss of parenting a child. You may also experience a period of grief after leaving the hospital or birthing center. However, this sense of loss is completely natural, and there is healing with time. Acknowledging and embracing this emotional phase is necessary to take in the joy that is also a part of adoption opportunities

Your support system is your main armor against emotional fatigue and even sadness. Connect with your trusted friends, family members, or your partner to navigate through your feelings and have a kind shoulder to lean on. Expressing your feelings is an important part of your healing. And during your courageous sacrifice to give your child the best life possible, you deserve to be heard and validated. Working closely with an adoption specialist at adoption agencies in Arizona is one way to alleviate grief. A solid plan will enable you to absorb the positive experiences waiting for you during the adoption process. Our agency prioritizes the well-being of the mothers under our support. 

Connecting with Birth Moms During and After the Adoption Process

In addition to your trusted family members, friends, and your partner, you may find that connecting with other birth mothers can be an amazing source of support. You have communities available across social media, for instance, that promote healthy spaces where you can express yourself. Joining a community allows you to speak about your needs, get advice, and share your experiences. You could be the source of motivation for other birth mothers just like you! Meditation, getting regular exercise, and self-care are some of the ways outside of the support at our organization that you will address your needs. 

Celebrating Birth Moms of Both Open and Private Adoption in Arizona

You should always give yourself grace, no matter what stage of the adoption process you are in or even if you are still considering the path of adoption. The journey of adoption weaves the stories of our lives together, and you are a vital part of the beginning of a person’s life. Your impact is celebrated by adoptive families, your community, and, most importantly, your little one. You are a testament to your own resilience and have shown a remarkable ability to approach your situation realistically. Thus, you deserve to be happy and embrace your life. 

Reaching Out About Adoption

You should be honored and respected for your decision or for considering adoption because a mother’s sacrifice comes in so many different forms. Your child’s well-being is at the forefront of your decision. No matter where your journey takes you, you are making the right choice. There are many cases where adoption is the best choice for you and your child. Adoption Choices of Arizona praises mothers like you and aims to provide you with the support and care that you need. We never want you to feel alone or as though there is no one you can call. As a mother, you are entitled to a safe, nurturing, and healthy environment for you and your child. 

Adoption is NEVER giving up. If you or anyone you know is considering an open or private adoption in Arizona, contact Adoption Choices of Arizona.  Speak with a certified adoption specialist today. Visit us to learn more about placing your baby up for adoption.