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Reasons Why Arizona Birth Mothers may Choose Closed Adoption

When a birth mother considers placing her child up for adoption, there are a myriad of factors that contribute to her decision. While open adoptions are increasingly common, some birth mothers still decide to have a closed adoption. Though this might seem like a strange decision given current trends, there are plenty of perfectly valid and positive reasons to have an Arizona closed adoption. This can benefit both a birth mother in your position and your child, which is why it might be an option worth looking into.

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Adoption Choices of Arizona works hard to make every adoption process a positive experience for every birth mother. If you’re curious, here are just a few of the reasons birth mothers may choose closed adoption.

  • Wanting Emotional Closure

Closed adoption is unique because it offers you closure as a birth mother. Open adoption requires that birth mothers and adoptive families keep in touch over the years through phone calls and emails, which can be a major plus for some, but a major downside for others. Closed adoptions offer an alternative to this, offering you a sense of completion and finality to your adoption process. This closure can be very important for a birth mother going through an unplanned pregnancy and experiencing an incredibly emotional and in some cases even traumatic period of their life. 

If you are going through the adoption process and seeking a definitive ending to your relationship with your child and his or her adoptive family, then closed adoption may be a good choice for you.

  • Protecting Your Child through Closed Adoption

Another one of the reasons birth mothers may choose closed adoption is actually to protect their child. This typically happens when a birth mother going through the adoption process determines that their home environment is somehow dangerous to a child’s wellbeing. When a birth mother considers protecting her child through closed adoption, she is shielding them from an environment or lifestyle that might be toxic or even abusive in some cases. 

Wanting to help your child through a closed adoption by cutting off communication down the line is a big decision, but it is one made out of nothing but care and compassion for your child’s future. When making the decision to have a closed adoption, you are acting in your child’s best interest if you are cutting them off from a potentially hostile environment.

  • Desiring Privacy in a Closed Adoption

In some cases, a birth mother chooses to have a closed adoption because she wants a level of privacy in her life that open adoption simply cannot offer in comparison. Birth mothers placing their child up for adoption may not want to or be able to devote a large portion of their time to forming a relationship with an adoptive family. This can be especially true in cases where a birth mother is placing her child up for adoption to focus on a career or educational prospects. 

Wanting privacy is a valid reason to take advantage of a closed adoption, and Adoption Choices of Arizona will be happy to accommodate. This may feel like one of the less common reasons birth mothers may choose closed adoption, but it is entirely valid to want to maintain a sense of privacy and self throughout the adoption process and beyond.

Why You Might Choose a Closed Adoption

While these reasons are all commonly cited as reasons birth mothers may choose closed adoption processes, there are still many more. A birth mother might want to finish her education or start a career without having to worry about a child in her life. She might want to put less stress on the adoptive family so they can focus on parenting her child. It might be some combination of wanting emotional closure, privacy, or protection. It could even be something else entirely. No matter your reason for choosing a closed adoption, you have every right to do so. Adoption Choices of Arizona will be more than happy to help you along your adoption journey.

Working with you to craft a personalized adoption plan that fits your needs is one of our highest priorities. We want you to be satisfied with your adoption, closed or otherwise. If you are a birth mother in need of assistance with your adoption, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Adoption Choices of Arizona will listen to you no matter your reason for wanting a closed adoption. We can help you get the closure, protection, or privacy you need, so call today.

For adoption resources or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead, visit us here!

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