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3 Reasons to Choose Adoption Choices of Arizona

By Moki Murillo

An unexpected pregnancy can be an intimidating prospect. After all, raising children can disrupt plans, especially if you have school or starting a demanding career. While juggling these responsibilities is possible, not every birth mother has the time or money to raise children. Additionally, not every birth mother can raise children in a stable environment or provide opportunities, such as quality education. As such, birth mothers in these circumstances often consider placing their babies for adoption. After all, finding another family that can raise your child in safety and comfort may be the best outcome.

Placing your baby for adoption doesn’t have to be daunting, however. There are many adoption agencies in Arizona, each of varying quality. How can you know which of these adoption opportunities is best for you?

Private vs. Public Adoptions

When researching adoption, you need to know the two broad categories: public adoptions and private adoptions. 

Public adoption is the one most frequently depicted in popular media, and the government controls it. This system is designed to take children away from mothers who are deemed legally unfit by child protective services. As such, birth mothers are not given a choice over how the adoption process proceeds. This is especially difficult for the child as their mother cannot influence where they end up. Children in these situations are often underprivileged and live in unstable environments.

Thankfully, private adoptions exist as a better alternative. Private adoptions in Arizona are handled by independent agencies. While they are often licensed by the government as a form of quality control, private agencies have more freedom. The best private agencies use this freedom to allow birth mothers to have more control over the adoption process. This freedom, however, means that the quality of service among private adoption agencies can vary greatly. Finding the best adoption for your child would likely depend on which agency you choose to reach out to.

Why Adoption Choices is the Best Choice

When choosing a private adoption agency to work with, you need to set a list of criteria. How long have they been in business? What do birth mothers that they worked with think of their service? Do they support birth mothers through pregnancy? If so, how? In what way can birth mothers influence the adoption process? You are likely to find these answers if you look at their websites. Additionally, you need to be aware that some adoption agencies restrict their services to specific clientele. There are adoption agencies that service Christian interests exclusively, for example. Thankfully, Adoption Choices of Arizona is available to all birth mothers. 

Reason 1: We Provide Expert and Caring Adoption Services

Adoption Choices of Arizona has been in business for over a decade since our founding in 2011. We are an experienced agency that has dealt with a variety of adoption scenarios over the years.

When you call us, our specialists will walk you through all your options regarding your unplanned pregnancy. While adoption is our specialty, we will help you determine if adoption best fits your circumstances. Once you officially start the adoption process, our specialists will be there to help you form your adoption plan. They will make sure you know all your options when customizing the adoption. We can also advise you if the adoption runs into legal trouble, such as a birth father’s dispute. Our agency is experienced in this area, and we can provide legal aid if necessary.

Our birth mothers, however, regard our professional and compassionate attitude in the highest regard. We at Adoption Choices of Arizona won’t judge how or why you got pregnant or why you seek adoption. As we had done for other birth mothers, we can provide shelter if you don’t already have it. If your family doesn’t support your pregnancy or the adoption, our specialists can provide you with a safe space. 

At the end of the day, our mission is to support birth mothers and find new homes for children. We take both of those goals very seriously.

Reason 2: We Support Our Birth Mothers Through the Adoption Process

As an agency, Adoption Choices of Arizona understands that birth mothers need to balance their regular lives with pregnancy. Additionally, pregnancy comes with its own set of burdens. For these reasons, our agency can provide financial aid and services meant to ease these burdens. We can cover any reasonable living expenses, such as groceries and utilities, during the adoption process. Our agency can even cover your prenatal care, which is vital to maintain your baby’s health. We even offer a variety of mental health services, from therapy to retreats and support groups.

All our services, including the adoption process itself, are free for all birth mothers who sign on with us. How much aid you will receive, however, will vary depending on your circumstances. Regardless of your situation, however, Adoption Choices of Arizona is committed to keeping adoption affordable to all birth mothers.

Reason 3: We Give Birth Mothers Full Control Over the Adoption

We want birth mothers to be able to customize their child’s adoption based on their needs. One of the most important ways we do this is by allowing birth mothers to choose their adoption type. 

Adoption type determines how open or closed the birth mother’s relationship with the adoptive family will be. In public adoptions, it is always a closed adoption. This means that the birth mother has no contact with the adoptive family. Of course, you can still choose a closed adoption should you want to, but we allow more open adoptions.

An open adoption does allow contact between the birth mother and the adoptive family. If you have the adoptive family’s consent, you can even visit your child in person. There are also semi-open adoptions that permit sending messages to the adoptive family while maintaining distance from your child. Choosing to pursue an open or semi-open adoption even allows you to select the family adopting your child.

The freedom we give to our birth mothers doesn’t end with child adoption. You can also create a birth plan that allows you to customize the environment in which you give birth. The birth plan allows you to choose the method of birth and if you want pain medication. You can choose who gets to witness the birth and even environmental details, such as music.

Why Your Choice of Adoption Agencies Matter

We cannot stress enough the importance of carefully considering which adoption agency you wish to work with. As a birth mother, you deserve experts who can expertly guide you through the complex adoption process. You also deserve to be respected and supported through this difficult time. After all, you are doing this to secure your child’s future. A good adoption agency should make this process easier, not harder.

If you are having an unplanned pregnancy and need help with adoption, call Adoption Choices of Arizona today.