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Top 5 Reasons Birth Mothers Decline an Adoptive Parent Match

By Wendy Swisher

Putting a child up for adoption in Arizona can be scary. You have researched adoption agencies near you. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we help you with every step of the adoption process. One of the many choices we help with is whether you have an open or closed adoption. Open adoption allows you to choose the family that adopts your baby. You will make many tough decisions as a birth mother putting your child up for adoption. Keep in mind there might be many reasons birth mothers decline an adoptive family. Just note we are here to help you every step of the way.

One of the most important decisions when placing your baby for adoption is who you entrust your child to. You wonder if they will have happy lives and opportunities to thrive in society. You can choose the special couple who will raise your child with open adoption. When considering adoption agencies in Arizona, you want to do your homework. The biggest reason you have decided to on adoption is that you want to ensure the happiness and security of your child. A lot of birth mothers will decline an adoptive parent match. They may not feel they meet their expectations. This can because of many reasons. Some top reasons birth mothers decline an adoptive parent match are parenting techniques, lifestyles, pets, age, and connection.

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 1. Parenting Techniques

As the birth mother, you want a couple to show your child affection. Adoptive parents will love your child as if they were their own child. You want them to put your child first in their life and set healthy boundaries. You also want parents who will be a good example of respect and responsibility. Also, the birth mother might need to feel that they have a good connection with the possible adoptive parents. Especially if you want to have an open adoption. Remembering there is always a family waiting to adopt your child helps with your decision to adopt.

2. Lifestyles

As a birth mother, you may not like a prospective adoptive parent’s lifestyle. Maybe they have busy work lives and a nanny or babysitter who will care for the baby. Then you may feel your child will not get the love and attention it deserves. Some other lifestyle issue that may come up is religion. Perhaps you do not agree with their religion and want a family that will bring your baby up in the same religion you did.

Another thing to consider is whether the birth parents live in a city or rural area. You may want your child to grow up where they have a lot of space to run and can embrace the outdoors. Maybe you want them to live in a city because of the diversity. That way, they meet many people from different cultures.

3. Pets

When considering adoptive parents, you may want to know if they have pets or not. If you experienced having a pet as a child, you might want your child to have the same experience. Growing up with a pet will help your child learn responsibility and patience, and pets help fight depression. However, the birth mother may consider allergies. If the birth parents are allergic to certain animals, they may not want a couple with pets. They may feel their baby will develop allergies similar to theirs.

5. Age

When placing your baby for adoption, the birth mother looks at the age of the adoptive parents. If an older couple wants to adopt a birth mother may have some reservations that they may not be able to keep up with a small child. There is also the concern with a younger couple that they may not be ready for such a great responsibility. There is no perfect age for an adoptive parent.

5. Connection

One of the biggest considerations a birth mother makes is whether they have a connection with the prospective adoptive parents. A connection will make the relationship between birth parents and adoptive parents easier, especially with open adoption. The adoptive parents may feel more relaxed sharing information about the child with the birth parents. They will keep an open line of communication open. That way, the birth parents can be a part of their child’s life in some way.

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