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Raising A Family After Choosing Adoption 

By Megan Kostraba

Placing your baby up for adoption is becoming a modernized concept in today’s world—which is great! Adoption is a wonderful option for birth mothers and adoptive families. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we like to encourage women to consider adoption an option for themselves and their child. 

Women chose adoption for all kinds of different reasons. Whether it be financial instability, medical issues, personal goals, age, or an unsupportive family—we get it! Adoption is an option for women who just aren’t prepared to accept motherhood. However, you might want to experience motherhood later in your life. The concept of adoption might leave some birth mothers questioning, “Can I have a family after placing a baby for adoption?”

In simple terms, yes! A woman can choose adoption at one stage in her life and raising a family at another. Choosing adoption now doesn’t mean you can’t raise a family later. Wondering about your future as a mother after choosing adoption is something many birth mothers experience. 

Life After Adoption

Adoption is a unique and personal experience for each and every birth mother. The adoption plan you may follow could be very different for another birth mother. Women choose adoption for so many different reasons, whether it’s financial issues, medical reasons, or even personal goals. An unplanned pregnancy can turn your whole life around in a matter of seconds. We understand that some women aren’t ready, or even able to, accept motherhood. And that’s okay! That’s why adoption is an available option.

The adoption process, as a whole, is something we try to ease you into as adoption agencies in Arizona. From working with women who have come from all walks of life, we know that adoption can be intimidating, daunting, and even scary. There’s a lot to take in when you’re choosing adoption! We create these adoption plans for you so that you can know what to expect during every step of your adoption, including what happens after you deliver the baby.

Some women often wonder what life is like post-adoption. How can one move on to the next step when the adoption process has been your main focus for so long? Our adoption agencies in Arizona offer counseling services to our birth mothers who need help understanding and expressing all of the feelings that stem from adoption. We also heavily encourage our birth mothers focus on postpartum care. Postpartum support helps a birth mother learn and exercise healthy coping mechanisms. During your adoption, you might feel feelings of grief, regret, and even guilt. To move further into your next life journey, you have to heal from this one first. 

Considering a Family Post-Adoption

Many women have gone on to raise their own families after choosing adoption! At first, thinking about raising your own children can be hard after placing a baby up for adoption. It often leaves birth mothers feeling guilty for their previous child, questioning how they can morally raise a family when one child is with an adoptive family. This is where those leftover feelings of remorse, grief, and loss come in, and why it’s so important to have postpartum support. 

We want our birth mothers to feel comfortable moving forward with their lives! Raising your own family after a previous adoption does not make you a bad person! At the time of your unplanned pregnancy, you believed that the best course of action was adoption for your child. Through our services, you know that they can flourish with their adoptive family and share new and exciting opportunities in life! That’s a wonderful thing. 

 You don’t have to feel guilty about wanting your own family after adoption! Part of choosing adoption is accepting the role you play in your child’s life. This takes time and healing! The biggest challenges you will probably face when considering raising your family are your own concerns and criticisms of yourself. 

Moving On to Your Next Journey: Post-Adoption in Arizona 

Don’t let your own thoughts hold you back from your wants and desires. There are many birth mothers who experience unplanned pregnancies and wish to experience motherhood but, because of other circumstances, cannot. It’s okay to want those things even after your adoption! Choosing adoption is all about giving you and your child the chance to grow and flourish on your own. That is not a selfish act, and it’s not selfish to want to raise your own family post-adoption, either! 

If you are a woman considering adoption or in need of pregnancy help, reach out to any of our adoption agencies near you! We can help you begin your adoption journey and continue helping even after your journey is complete.