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Putting Up A Baby for Adoption in Today’s World

By Megan Kostraba

For a birth mother considering adoption, there is a lot to think about! Do you want an open or closed adoption? Who do you want in the hospital room with you? Do you want to have a close relationship with the adoptive family? There are so many options out there that birth mothers can choose from, it can almost be overwhelming. When you work alongside Adoption Choices of Arizona, all of your options are laid out for you. With our team of adoption specialists, you can be assured that you and your child are our priority. What is like putting up a baby for adoption in today’s world?

We are able to help you through the work of so many that come before us. Adoption used to be a “taboo” subject for people, including birth mothers. It’s a concept that has been stereotyped in the past, and even in the modern day. The adoption process is one that has been modernized over the years, leading us to where we are now. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and confident in your adoption choice. Let’s talk about the services adoption agencies in Arizona can offer you now, and the advantages of choosing adoption today.

Today’s Birth Mother Adoption Services 

With the change in attitude and modernization of adoption, there are so many services and resources available to you! This is a great thing for birth mothers who are looking for pregnancy help. Unplanned pregnancies have happened to countless before, and will continue to happen as time goes on. Whatever the reason is for placing your baby up for adoption, we get it. Pregnancy is something that can upturn your life, and you might not have plans for it right now, or ever. Choosing adoption for you and your family is a unique and personal process.

Birth mother services might include:

  • Financial support
  • Medical care
  • Support counseling
  • Transportation services
  • Housing

Adoption, No Longer a Secret!

Compared to the past, modern adoption includes so many benefits for both the birth family and adoptive family. Adoption used to be a secretive, shameful act. The reputation of a woman who chose adoption meant that she was “giving up on her child”. For multiple reasons, we chose to dispel that misconception in today’s world. This secrecy meant that a woman had to hide her adoption from everyone. Most birth mothers had a non-existent relationship with her child, to keep the secret from society. Choosing adoption in the past was something rare, because a woman’s reputation was so integral for her role in society. Adoption was not seen as a positive act, but its reputation began changing when adoption laws became enacted. These laws protected the welfare of children and birth mothers. Since then, things have begun to change and have continued changing.

In today’s world, adoption is something we can openly talk about! Women can choose adoption at any stage in their life, including their age or if they already have kids. Adoption agencies are there with doors open to offer you their services. People’s thoughts and options of adoption have changed, as well as the process itself.

The Modern Open Adoption Process

Birth mothers also have the option to have a relationship with their children in today’s world. Depending on if this is something you want, you can talk to your adoption specialist about having an open adoption. This type of adoption means that you have some contact, or some relationship, with the adoptive family. The development and depth of this relationship is up to both parties, but with consent, the birth mother can have contact with their child. Digital communication, emails, videos or pictures, or even in-person meetings can happen!

If this is a type of adoption that does not appeal to you, there are other options too, like a closed or semi-open adoption. You have the opportunity to lay out all of your opinions with your adoption specialists, and we can help you pick the type of adoption that best suits you.

Choosing Modern Adoption with Adoption Choices of Arizona

When you choose adoption, you can reach out to adoption agencies in Arizona. Here, an adoption specialist can lay out all of your options in front of you. Together, we can craft an adoption plan that is best suited for you and your child! You can tell us any of your wants, wishes, desires, and even concerns. We can talk about your living situation as well as your financial stability. Our guidelines about adoption will be laid out and explained to you, so you can feel comfortable with your adoption.

We don’t ever want you to feel alone during your adoption. Compared to the past, placing your baby for adoption does not need to be kept a secret. In fact, the more open you are about adoption, the more a birth mother can accept and recognize her choice! Adoption is not a shameful act, nor is it “giving up”. Adoption is choosing to guarantee that your child will live in a caring and loving home, with opportunities you might not be able to give them. And that’s okay, taking the time to heal and understand your choice is all a part of the adoption process.

Reaching Out for Your Adoption Process

Keeping your adoption silent and secretive is a way of life we want our birth mothers to avoid. Being open about your choice benefits both your child, and yourself! We’ve moved on from the old stigmas that surrounded adoption. Birth mothers and adoptive families are all around us, creating wonderful opportunities for children! If you’re thinking of choosing adoption, look for some adoption agencies near you to start your journey. There is no need to be alone in this process anymore. Reach out to us for help regarding your pregnancy!