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Putting My Baby Up for Adoption After a Sexual Assault 

By Megan Kostraba

Facing and enduring sexual assault is too common in our modern-day society. Unfortunately, women are raped and sexually assaulted every day. Many women have felt the pain of being completely stripped of control and being forced into action with no consent. It’s a terrible and unfortunate reality that women have to face. 

When it comes to choosing whether or not to place your baby for adoption, we want birth mothers to understand that they are in control. Facing an unplanned pregnancy is scary and nerve-wracking, especially if you are dealing with an unsupportive family or partner. 

At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we want to assure any struggling birth mother that she does not have to be alone! Going through the adoption process by yourself is difficult. We want to provide birth mothers with the care and support they deserve during their pregnancy. 

Following the Adoption Process

It’s important to remember that if you or your child are in a dangerous situation, alert the authorities immediately. Protecting yourself is your number one priority. If you are living in a dangerous environment or feel that your life’s in danger, remove yourself from the situation. Calling the authorities and working on getting yourself out of your situation is crucial before moving forward. 

When it comes to the adoption process, the birth mother is in charge of every single step! We know that when it comes to unplanned pregnancy help, it often feels as though your options are out of your control. This can be especially true if you are a woman who has faced sexual assault. The feeling of your decisions being out of your control is not a good one, and we understand that. You will never have to relinquish control of your choices and what you choose for your child. 

When the adoption process begins, you and your adoption specialist will meet to discuss all of your options. Your adoption specialist will lay out all of your options in front of you to help you decide if adoption is the best choice for you and your child. There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to adoption! There are decisions to consider, like what type of adoption you want or what you are looking for in an adoptive family.

Sometimes, big decisions like these take time to make. We understand! We have worked with women who come from all walks of life. Every woman chooses a unique and personal adoption journey. We always suggest that birth mothers consider their own wants and needs as they make their adoption choices. 

Finding Support and Care Within An Adoption Agency 

Our adoption agencies in Arizona offer a multitude of services for our birth mothers. We know that birth mothers might need some help when it comes to finances or even a place of stay. We want you to feel safe and comfortable during your adoption journey! You have the option to either take part in these services or not. The choice is ultimately yours. We do, however, highly recommend that all birth mothers seek support counseling as they take on adoption. 

At our adoption agency, we offer: 

  • Financial help 
  • Housing 
  • Medical Care 
  • Transportation 
  • Support Counseling 

You can discuss all of these options alongside your adoption specialist. Together, you can apply for and see if you are eligible for these services and benefits. We can help with pregnancy-related expenses and medical care during your pregnancy if it is a concern of yours. You and your specialist can determine what help and services you need and go from there! 

Understanding your thoughts, feelings, and emotions during your adoption journey can be tricky. You might have a lot of lingering concerns that stem from past traumatic experiences, or you might even be hesitant to reach out for help. Adoption leads to mixed feelings of guilt, regret, grief, loss, relief, and sadness. It is a lot for one person to handle on their own! A large part of adoption is accepting that it is a healing process—you need time to let yourself heal from your experience. Sometimes, birth mothers need help expressing their feelings and understanding where those feelings stem from. Our adoption agencies in Arizona offer counseling for these reasons.

Choosing Adoption for Yourself

Choosing adoption is a difficult decision—we understand. If you are a victim of sexual assault and are considering placing your baby for adoption, you may have a lot of mixed feelings. Navigating those feelings can be difficult. It can be hard to guide through your personal wants versus what you want for your child. That is why we are here as an agency. We can guide you through your options and help you pick out what is best for you and your baby. Our goal is to help you feel secure, confident, and comfortable in your adoption. 

If you are looking for help on your pregnancy journey or are hoping to begin taking steps towards it, reach out to us. We can help you one step at a time and work together to meet your adoption expectations.