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Preparing for Birth When Placing Your Baby for Adoption

By Kennedy Wood

Learning about an unplanned pregnancy can lead to many emotions and questions. As the birth mother, you may be feeling overwhelmed, but Adoption Choices of Arizona is here to help! We will be with you every step of the way during your adoption process. We will ensure you feel empowered and informed of your rights and decisions. One benefit of working with a private adoption agency in Arizona is creating a personalized birth plan. 

What is a Birth Plan?

A birth plan is a document that outlines your needs when you are pregnant and going into labor. Your birth plan can be completely personalized to fit your wants and needs. The main goal of creating the birth plan is to get everyone on the same page. Your doctors and support at various adoption agencies in Arizona will have this and know exactly what you need. The adoption process can be overwhelming, but it can provide an immense amount of relief. 

We believe this is one of the most important parts of the adoption process. In order for you to feel confident, we believe that you must be heard. We never want you to feel like a second opinion because you are the main priority. Although you will be given guidance, you are ultimately the one in control. The agency you work with is there to support you, not to take complete control of your journey. 

Key Components of a Birth Plan 

Some major components of a birth plan include the type of birth, room preferences, medical history, and postpartum care. The type of birth you want is when you choose if you want a natural birth or a c-section. Putting this information in place ensures your doctor knows what your expectations are. We also recommend putting a second option in case the doctor has to make any last-minute decisions. In this section, you can also put preferences for birthing positions if needed. You are also able to state what you want for pain management. Some women want to use an epidural, while others do not. Some women want to also opt to be put to sleep, while others do not. Putting these things in place can avoid any confusion during the delivery. 

Another component of a birth plan is room preferences. As the birth mother, you are able to create the environment you want. This part of the birth plan allows you to state who you would like in the room with youWhether you want family, friends, or only hospital staff in the room is your choice. You can even state if you prefer music playing and what kind or if you want the room to be silent. Whatever you prefer, it can happen.

Another major component would be your medical history. If there is any medical history you feel you need to share, a birth plan is the perfect place to go. Although you will talk to the hospital staff about this, having it in your birth plan ensures everyone is aware. If you are concerned about anything regarding your or the child’s health, it is important to voice it here as well. 

Postpartum care will also be addressed in your birth plan. You and the newborn’s recovery is just as important as the rest of the process. When talking about your postpartum care, you can talk to your agency about counseling if needed. This is also a good time to state if any medications don’t work for you. This ensures your doctors are giving you what you need to have the best recovery. In this section, you can also state what care you want for the newborn. 

Birth Plan Help From Adoption Choices of Nevada

Deciding to place your baby for adoption can feel overwhelming at the start. However, you should keep in mind that you only know what is best for you and your child. We want you to leave your adoption process feeling confident and happy about your decisions. You should leave your agency feeling supported and cared for.

After all, you will be our number one priority throughout the process. This is why we are passionate about helping you create a birth plan. A birth plan is a map and a sure way for everyone to know what to expect when you go into delivery. This will ensure you have the most comfortable delivery possible. For more information about birth plans or to start your journey, contact Adoption Choices of Arizona today.