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Pregnant in Your 30’s and Choosing Adoption

As a pregnant woman, no matter your age, choosing to place your baby for adoption in Arizona is a difficult and emotional decision. For nine months, you witnessed him or her grow and develop inside of you. Even though you are a woman unexpectedly pregnant in her 30’s, you might not be able to care for a child the way they deserve. The timing may not be right. You might not see yourself as a parent. Or, your life would have recently taken an unexpected turn, undoing the original plans you had in store when you first found out you were pregnant.

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To avoid causing difficulties for you or your child’s future, you might be contemplating placing your child for adoption through adoption agencies in Arizona. In your heart, you know this choice would give your child a better life, and allow you to work on getting yours back on track. Fortunately, Adoption Choices of Arizona is here to help you prepare yourself. We have composed this resource of possible options on how to best assist you if pregnant in your 30’s and choosing adoption.

  • Choosing to Return to School

No matter your age, it’s never too late to return to school or continue your education. Age has no limits to expanding an education. Maybe you were never able to attend college after high school and are ready to begin that transition. Maybe you have considered changing careers and need to earn a new degree. It’s possible you want a new career in your field that makes more money, so you need to work towards a higher degree. 

Because you are a woman who has found herself unexpectedly pregnant in her 30’s and choosing adoption, it is possible this is a time in your life when you are preparing to make something more out of yourself. Though motherhood is something you might consider in the future, it doesn’t fit into your life-plan at the moment. Thus, you can see placing your baby for adoption as allowing you more time to prepare for when you are ready to begin the journey into parenthood.

  • The End of a Romantic Partnership

Not all expectant mothers see themselves as capable of raising a baby on their own. They might not see themselves as enough for their baby. Some expectant mothers are in need of the support of the father of their child. Sometimes, two people in a romantic relationship realize they want different things. It is possible that one or both individuals do not want a child. They could see adoption as the only way to give their child two, loving parents. If the relationship to the father ends, in some cases, you could feel unable to give your child a stable home life.

  • Loss of Your Job

Many people lose their jobs for a number of reasons. Maybe you were laid off? Fired? It’s possible you choose to resign? Or you were reassigned? If you have recently lost your job, we can understand how it is possible to worry how you will support yourself and your child. You might be considering adoption because you see it as the responsible choice to make.

As a birth mother who has much love for her baby, we understand why you might be considering placing your baby for adoption. Because it might be important for you that your child’s parents have good paying jobs, what you really want is to make sure he or she is with a loving family who is financially stable enough to take care of them.

  • Starting a New Career

Many people have made the decision to switch careers after working towards the same one for some time. Because you might be one of these people, maybe you have realized your current career is not what you wish to continue. Maybe you see the loss of your job as a sign that there is another one out there you are better suited for. It is possible you have a dream or goal you have been gearing towards for some time now, and are ready to begin your new career.

As a pregnant woman in your 30’s, it is not unusual to want to focus on your new career. Though you have much love for your child, you know this is not the time in your life where you see yourself as a mother. What you want is to begin your career while knowing your baby is being taken care of the way they need to be.

  • Loss of a Partner or Spouse

There are expectant mothers who have recently lost a partner or spouse and find themselves unable to be single mothers. Maybe their partner or spouse was their main source of income? Maybe their partner or spouse was the one who convinced you to become a mother? It’s possible they relied a lot on their partner or spouse for support and assistance. 

If you are pregnant and your partner or spouse has recently passed away, you might question whether or not you are capable of taking care of a child by yourself. If not, you might consider placing your baby for adoption. Even though you have so much love for your unborn child, you know you want him or her to grow up with two parents capable of providing stability and undeniable love.

  • Unable to Afford More Children

As much as you might love being a mother in your 30’s to your other children, it is possible you are not in the financial position to parent any more kids. Maybe you know you will not be able to put another child through school. Your home might not be the right size for another child. You might know that you do not make enough money to give another child everything they need to survive. Because you might be pregnant and focused on taking care of your other children, you could see placing your baby for adoption as the responsible way to make sure your baby is in a home where their parents can give them everything they need.

Focusing on Bettering Yourself in Your 30’s and Choosing Adoption

Just because you are pregnant in your 30’s and might not see yourself capable of caring for your baby, that does not mean you should forget to care for yourself. You might be able to see this decision as the time to work towards your goals, whether that includes being a new mother in the future or not. You could have the opportunity to work towards your dream job, buy the house you have always wanted, or spend more time with your family.

Whatever your reason for choosing adoption, Adoption Choices of Arizona is here to help you in any way we can.

For adoption resources or to begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are an prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead, visit us here!

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