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Pregnant in College? Adoption is an Option

When you get pregnant in college, life can suddenly feel like it’s been uprooted. You are somewhere between ‘didn’t know better’ and ‘should have known better’. You probably feel ashamed, afraid of being judged, and a bit guilty. TAKE HEART. Unplanned pregnancies can happen to anyone! At any age! At any stage of life! ßthat’s why they are called “unplanned” right!? It is NOT a reflection on who you are nor your worth. This is not going to destroy you, even if it does change everything for a little while…

An unplanned pregnancy in college can change your life plans at a moment’s notice and can feel devastating. Having a plan that best fits your situation will help alleviate the added stress. Obviously, as with any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, you have 3 primary choices: parenting, abortion, and choosing adoption. Adoption is a loving and rewarding option that will keep you on your educational track. Birth mothers can make a confidential adoption plan with Adoption Choices of Arizona; we have worked with a number of young women in college or graduate school.

If you are away for school, you may find you have more freedom to explore all your options and make your own decisions. Having some distance can afford some autonomy and privacy that’s lacking for co-eds still living at home. Adoption Choices of Arizona is able to provide housing for birth mothers who need a private place to stay off-campus or away from home during and after pregnancy. Our staff can work with you wherever you are across Arizona or beyond. We can come to you!

It’s natural to feel like an unplanned pregnancy is the end of life as you know it. It’s not, though… trust us on this! Here are a few more things to consider if you are in college and facing an unplanned pregnancy:

Think twice about trying to hide your entire pregnancy from your parents. Though you’re not required to inform them. Whatever your age, you still deserve their unconditional love and support, and babies and adoptions can both be hard secrets to keep.

You may also want to share your news with trusted college professors. Your prenatal appointments or hospitalization may keep you out of class during crucial assignments or tests.

Whatever you do, please don’t drop out of college just because you’re having a baby, whether you choose to place or parent. Too many women in this situation forfeit their college schedules with intention on recovering and returning and they never do.

Be prepared to ignore campus gossip about your pregnancy. Even though your private business should be respected as private, some college campuses and cultures are worse than others when it comes to pregnancies. Yep, even nowadays. And be prepared for this: more guys may come on to you because you’re pregnant.

Finally, remember that your school does have onsite counselors or offsite therapists they can refer you to if you need someone to confide in about what you’re going through; everyone else should be kept on a need-to-know basis. You will want to check on whether your campus or family health insurance covers pregnancy, and if not, ask your doctor’s office to help you with applying for Medicaid coverage for prenatal care and birthing costs.

If you are pregnant and in college in considering an adoption plan, contact Adoption Choices of Arizona at 1-480-900-5520

Finally, as a pregnant co-ed, your privacy rights are protected under federal HIPPA laws, so nobody should be able to share news of your medical condition with anyone without your consent. Title IX is federal legislation that protects you from being discriminated against as a pregnant student. (Be forewarned, though, that a private or church-related school may have student conduct standards that could impact your standing or scholarship status, if they’re Title IX-exempt).