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Life seems challenging enough right now. Being pregnant is likely the last thing you expected in your situation. Not only are you facing an unplanned pregnancy, but you’re also homeless. Worries plague your mind. Am I going to survive this? What about the health of my baby? What are my next steps?

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed! Adoption Choices of Arizona knows that this isn’t what you imagined, what you wanted for your child. Pregnancy can be stressful for any woman, and the lack of a safe environment in which to raise your child surely adds to that stress. But you’re not alone! You are not the first woman to be pregnant and homeless, and you will certainly not be the last. Let us help you navigate your options. Expectant Parent Call or Text 1-480-900-5520

  1. Parenting

While pregnant and homeless mothers encounter many challenges, you may consider parenting your child. It’s not impossible! But, before deciding to raise your child, ask yourself this: Can I give my son or daughter the life they deserve? Am I willing to take advantage of programs for homeless pregnant women and work hard to put myself in a better place for my child? If you are willing to take steps to provide a better situation for your unborn child, start by contacting programs that offer homeless transitional shelters for pregnant women like you.

  1. Aborting Your Pregnancy

If you don’t feel ready to become a parent at this point in your life, you have the right to choose an abortion — as long as you are early enough in your pregnancy. Remember that abortion laws vary by state. Arizona law requires you to make at least two trips to your abortion provider, where you will undergo a sonogram and receive state-mandated paperwork about medical risks, adoption alternatives, and developmental stages of the fetus. While travel can be difficult for any woman who decides to get an abortion, it can be even more so for women who are pregnant and homeless. Make sure to contact your local Planned Parenthood for more details!

  1. Adoption

Your final unplanned pregnancy option is adoption. If parenting isn’t a viable option for you, adoption allows you the opportunity to give your child a life you wish you were able to provide– one full of safety and security. This option is always available to you, no matter how early or late in your pregnancy you are! However, the earlier you contact an adoption professional, the earlier you can start receiving necessary prenatal care, housing assistance, financial aid for living expenses, and more. Adoption will always be free to you, and adoption professionals will make sure you receive the services you need to have a successful adoption journey.

Pregnant and Homeless

Adoption Choices of Arizona is here to help! If you express interest in placing your child for adoption, we will respond immediately. While we help you asses your situation, we will place you in a hotel and provide a week’s worth of food. If we all agree to go forward with creating an adoption plan, we will then provide court-approved financial assistance, which includes the following: housing, food, sundries, bus passes, and other necessities to make your pregnancy more comfortable.

Like any other pregnant woman, you have choices. Make sure that you learn as much as you can about all of your unplanned pregnancy options before moving forward. This way, you can choose the path that is right for you.

Expectant Parent Call or Text 1-480-900-5520