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Pregnant and Considering Adoption in Arizona: How can an Adoption Agency Help me?

By Isabelle Sitchon

When going through an unplanned pregnancy, you may consider placing your baby for adoption. However, there are several questions you might ask about the process. Therefore, it’s important to be informed about your options when pregnant and considering adoption in Arizona.

You embark on an incredible yet difficult journey by putting your baby up for adoption. Adoption Choices of Arizona is here to help you through your entire adoption. We guide birth mothers in Arizona through the adoption process and help them create adoption plans. You will make many decisions down the road, but we want you to know that you are not alone. We are here for you at our Arizona adoption center and will answer any questions or concerns you have. 

If you need adoption help now, please call or text us at 1-480-900-5520 or visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona.

The Adoption Plan for You

We know that making decisions like these can be incredibly difficult. One of the first choices to make in your adoption plan is to choose which type of adoption you would like. We offer varying options on how close you would like to be in contact with your baby and the adoptive family. There are three types of adoption: open, semi-open, and closed

We know that making decisions like these can be incredibly difficult. Our adoption agencies help make the process easy and simple to understand when going through an unplanned pregnancy. When you first contact us about adoption, we will focus on scheduling an initial meeting with you and an adoption specialist. Your adoption specialist will help research and outline decisions in your plan, like deciding which type of adoption you’d like. We want you to feel confident in what you choose and informed about your decisions. 

Our counselors have worked with many other birth mothers before and are here to answer your questions. In addition, we are here to provide unplanned pregnancy help through your worries, thoughts, and feelings during the process. Your adoption specialist will contact you throughout your journey, even after your baby is born. 

Choosing the Best Adoptive Family for Your Baby

Another part of the adoption process may be to choose the adoptive family for your baby. We want you to understand that there is always a family waiting to love your child. It’s important to note that you have full control over this decision as a birth mother. You can choose the best family you want for your baby. 

Your counselor will introduce you to awaiting families when you’re ready to choose the family according to your preferences. Each family will provide a mini scrapbook, including information and photos of the family, their home, hobbies, and much more. 

Help During an Unplanned Pregnancy

At our adoption agencies in Arizona, we also offer unplanned pregnancy help to birth mothers. You might find yourself facing a difficult life situation during your pregnancy. We will do our best to provide you with services such as:

Financial Help During the Adoption Journey

We understand that you may need help with your financial situation during the adoption process. If eligible, you can receive financial support to cover expenses related to your unplanned pregnancy. We will do our best to provide you with the assistance you need with our resources. Your adoption specialist will work with you to learn more about your financial needs based on your living situation. You may be eligible to receive expenses related to:

  • Rent and utilities
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Maternity clothing
  • Phone service
  • Groceries
  • And more

Housing and Transportation Throughout Your Pregnancy

If you are in a displaced situation, we urge you to let your counselor at our adoption center know. Your adoption specialist will help you find safe housing and transportation. Once your adoption plan is established, we will provide court-approved financial assistance, including housing and transportation options. We will supply transportation to you for your hospital visits during your pregnancy if you need to. 

Our Adoption Agency Can Help You  With Medical Care

Adoption comes at no cost for our birth mothers. If you need financial assistance paying your medical bills, we will help and provide resources to you. We will help you construct a hospital and birth plan for your due date. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we advocate for you at the hospital. You are in control of your decisions as a birth mother.

Adoption Counseling When You are Pregnant and Considering Adoption in Arizona

We know that the adoption process may be difficult and confusing, but you do not have to go through it alone. Our counselors at Adoption Choices of Arizona are here to provide counseling for you. If you feel anxious about adoption as a birth mother, please contact us or let your adoption specialist know.  

At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we understand that this may be an overwhelming time for you. If you are a birth mother considering adoption in Arizona and would like more information, please do not hesitate to reach out. To begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead visit us here!