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As an OBGYN, How Can I Support My Patients Who Choose Adoption?

OBGYN role in adoption arizonaYou’re an OBGYN experiencing their first birth mother with an unexpected pregnancy. The birth mother wants to know more about adoption. You may have questions about what steps are involved so you can provide the utmost care and guidance for them. If a birth mother from any state wants to choose adoption as an option, they can rely on our Adoption Choices of Arizona to help assist them.

You are a medical doctor, a professional who knows about infertility, pregnancy, and childbirth. These three things are essential when providing help and care to a birth mother patient. To learn more about what steps you will be taking with your patient, continue reading. 


What Are My Key Responsibilities In An Adoption?

As an OBGYN, you know you have the medical responsibilities to care for all expectant birth mothers alike. The same applies to birth mothers who are choosing adoption. Some additional key responsibilities include:

  • Providing advice on adoption to the birth mother
  • Prepare for the birth mother’s birth plan
  • Make sure all medical staff is prepared for the birth plan
  • Provide medical assistance during the adoption
  • Checking on the birth mother and baby’s overall health

How Do I Prepare My Birth Plan

Your job is to help the birth mother prepare her birth plan. The birth mother will have prepared and made final decisions on the adoption type she wants by this time. Since you provided accurate information regarding the adoptive families she can choose from, next is assisting in birth plan preparation. 

How Can I Help My Birth Mother Patient

There are three ways you can be your patient’s support at such a critical time. First, the birth mother may become indecisive or need medical advice from a professional perspective. In certain situations, you can take action in the best way possible, without any bias or opinion getting in the way. 

  1. Give Factual/ Logical Advice: You are a professional in all things regarding pregnancy, childbirth, and infertility/fertility. Giving her information on her baby’s health during the adoption is essential. This will put her at ease. If your patient is asking for advice regarding anything medical, make sure to provide all factual information based on your professional assessment. If the birth mother asks you questions about the adoption and provides logical advice on the matter, you may have an opinion on adoption, or you may not. Remember, this is the birth mother’s decision, and any indication of bias or opinion on the matter can leave her stressed and indecisive. You may advise her. This will ease her worries and look through a practical point of view when making any final decisions.

  2. Show empathy for the Birth Mother: Your patient may have difficulty experiencing this adoption for what it is. They may go back and forth on decisions and ask for your opinion. Remember to be empathetic and show sensitivity to your patient. This is a vulnerable and crucial time for them. Some support and a smile can do wonders for their experience.

  3. Prioritize Your Birth Mother’s Needs and Wants: As a medical professional, it is your job to state the facts and steps on the procedure during this adoption. If there are medical setbacks or options regarding the pregnancy, definitely voice them. Keep in mind that certain circumstances that have a choice, including adoption decisions, are for the birth mother to decide on. 

Part of your job is to support the birth mother and go with her needs and wants for this entire adoption process. Whatever makes her happy, satisfied, or even accept this adoption, you want her to feel safe and comfortable around you. Knowing she has a person looking out for her and accepting her decisions as final is essential for her state of mind and physical wellness. 

The Five Unplanned Pregnancy Services 

Adoption Choices of Arizona provides five essential services for those birth mothers with an unexpected pregnancy. Having a brief understanding of what is involved can be important. Your birth mother patient may ask for advice or guidance on their eligibility and application for these services. Being an OBGYN for birth mother adoption patients is to provide logical information about these services.

  1. Financial Aid: When preparing for adoption, the birth mother may have financial instability and need financial assistance with expenses and living arrangements. There are loans and grants we offer at Adoption Choices of Arizona.
  2. Medical Assistance: Birth mothers may not have enough income to pay for the medical expenses when seeing their primary doctor, in this case, you, the professional OBGYN. Adoption Choices of Arizona will help pay for their medical expenses, and the bill will be sent to you or, in this case, to the hospital or medical clinic your patient has their daily checkups.
  3. Housing: A birth mother may need new housing if her accommodations aren’t spacious or they may not have a home. Adoption Choices of Arizona offers potential housing that is near them. 
  4. Birth Plan: You now know the ins and outs of how to help your patient prepare a birth plan. Remember, they may want to change their mind about several decisions. Make sure to accommodate their birth plan and let all your medical staff know the scheduling and specifications.
  5. Free Counseling: Your patient may have conflicting emotions and feelings about this adoption. Counseling is a 24/7 opportunity that is available for all birth mothers. You can offer this opportunity to your patients if they need help emotionally through this adoption. It’s not easy to go through, so giving them options can help them mentally adjust.

Adoption Choices of Arizona can help birth mothers get started on adoption. Your patients who choose adoption will need you as the bridge between medical pregnancy care and adoption advice. Your support is needed for every step of the adoption process. Your involvement in this adoption is essential, and your expertise can help your birth mother feel safe, comfortable, and prepared to face this adoption all the way through.

Content Author: Gabrielle Maya

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