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My Adoption Journey: How Can I Resume My Work or Social Life in Arizona?

By Melissa Camacho

You come back from your adoption journey, having gone through the trauma of an unplanned pregnancy. After the challenges, stress, and confusion, you still wonder how your decision to choose adoption will affect your well-being. It can be a tough experience putting your child up for adoption. However, our licensed adoption professionals walk our birth mothers to create an effective adoption plan with long-term benefits. 

There is no shame in preparing for your next chapter after adoption in Arizona! The truth is, survival in the adoption world is a continuous process. You are in for an endless cycle of advice and encouragement from our adoption agencies in Arizona. Whether you are going back to work, school, living with your family, or meeting new friends, there are moments you will look back. We at Adoption Choices of Arizona will guide you towards recovery and getting back on your feet.

If you need adoption help now, please call or text us at 1-480-900-5520 or visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona.

Take Some Time to Recover After You Finalize Your Adoption 

After your child is delivered to the adoptive family, take some time to process stress and heal. Proceeding with your life after the adoption process takes some time to work through. First things first gather all your adoption papers for your records. 

Spend time to relax your mind by going for walks, engaging in fun activities, or even getting as much rest. Take care of your physical health by looking into your daily nutrition habits. 

Then make a list of people you can contact to get advice or help going back to work or school. If you are taking time off, feel free to do so. We understand it takes time for a birth mother to get through mental stress after adoption. Getting your life back together is not something that will happen overnight. While you may be wary of your child’s well-being with the adoptive family, your health is also important

Follow-up on Your Child’s Progress with the Adoptive Family with Open or Semi-adoption 

As you launch your adoption journey and create an adoption plan, you choose the type of adoption you prefer. The three types of adoption are open-adoptionsemi-adoption, and closed-adoption. An open or semi-adoption establishes a relationship between you, the adoptive family, and your child. Through open adoption, you can make plans to communicate with the adoptive family as often as you wish. You can make arrangements to visit them, make phone calls, or communicate through social media. In addition, it’s a rewarding opportunity to take note of your child’s growth in progress. Show how much to love and care for your child by sending gifts and hand note cards.

If you choose a semi-adoption, communication with the adoptive family is mediated and secure through a third party or adoption agency. In addition, not all types of identity can be shared with open adoption, such as personal contact numbers. However, you can still keep up-to-date on your child’s progress and build a positive relationship with the adoptive family. With a closed adoption, you can choose not to disclose or exchange information with the adoptive family. If it’s your choice, feel free to move on and focus on your daily activities or future plans.

Feel Free to Join Our Counseling Services After Adoption 

Our adoption agencies in Arizona have post-adoption counseling services that will help you manage your daily activities. You will speak with an adoption counselor and you can be open about your goals after adoption. Our adoption counselors can help you cope with emotional distress that you feel interferes with your future plans. In addition, we have our monthly support groups where you can learn from other birth mothers’ adoption journeys. It’s also a great way for you to expand your social life by networking with other birth mothers and making new friends. Both our support groups and adoption counselors work to provide birth mothers with as much emotional support and advice.

Spread Your Knowledge and Experience of Adoption

Self-growth, resiliency, and knowledge help you build on your success in relationships, education, and your career. Do not think there isn’t much to offer after your adoption journey. Your experience placing your baby for adoption may be traumatic. However, your decision to choose adoption is not to cause harm but to deliver your child where there is more room for love. Other birth mothers face unexpected situations and feel there isn’t a support system to take care of their child. Educate others about the real mission of adoption and how to give a baby up for adoption.

Through our adoption services and benefits, we help our birth mothers maintain and balance healthy lives or to begin your adoption journey. Birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please, instead, visit us here!