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Misconceptions about Arizona Birth Fathers And Adoption

By Nicholas Rodinos

Birth parents, especially birth fathers, are often victims of unfair ideas that make them sound irresponsible or even abusive. Some people assume that birth fathers shouldn’t be involved in the adoption process. These misconceptions portray many birth fathers horribly when most do want to help their children find healthy adoptive families. Adoption Choices of Arizona can help clear up some of the misconceptions about birth fathers people have about birth fathers.

Birth Fathers Choose Adoption Because They Don’t Love Their Children

Most birth fathers love their children, however, not all have the emotional maturity required to parent a child. Some birth fathers seek adoption in Arizona, knowing that they cannot provide their children with the lives they need. These birth fathers love their children so much that they decided to find them healthy adoptive parents. Many birth fathers look for adoption agencies in Arizona that will find loving, stable homes for their children.

Birth Fathers Choose Adoption Because They’re Unprepared Teenagers

There are birth fathers in their 20s or 30s who are at a point where they cannot support children. Some birth fathers lack the financial resources to care for their children, so they seek Arizona adoption. Birth fathers may not be in the right place to raise their children, and they decide on adoption. If you need adoption “support,” there are adoption agencies near you that can help you find qualified adoptive parents.

Birth Fathers Have No Rights in the Adoption Process

Birth mothers do have the most authority over the adoption process; however, birth fathers do have certain rights. The birth fathers can help choose the adoptive parents; however, you have the final say in the adoption process. Birth fathers have the right to withhold contact information and other personal information, including medical information. However, they cannot withhold. There are adoption agencies in Arizona who will explain this and other details to you and the birth father.

Birth Father Are Not Supportive During the Adoption Process

While adoption agencies are providing you with pregnancy help, many birth fathers provide birth mothers with emotional support. The birth father can comfort and help you with any decision you make to make the adoption less stressful. Birth fathers can provide you with additional emotional support as you place your baby for adoption. The birth father can help you explain your decisions and comfort you when it’s necessary.

Birth Fathers Don’t Need Support During the Adoption Process

Both birth parents need emotional support and counseling during and after the adoption, as they are both experiencing grief. Birth fathers experience their own version of post-adoption pain that they require counseling for. Many adoption agencies in Arizona provide post-adoption counseling for birth parents so they can healthily process their grief. Arizona adoption agencies can provide counselors who specialize in helping birth fathers create ways to cope with post-adoption pain.

Birth Fathers Won’t See Their Children After The Adoption

Many birth fathers do see their children again. It all depends on the adoption plan they’ve chosen. Open and semi-open adoption provide birth parents with more contact with their child and the adoptive parents. Birth fathers choose open adoption in Arizona, so they’ll receive more updates about their children’s health and interests. Many Arizona adoption agencies can explain open and semi-open adoption plans to you and the birth father.

Birth Fathers Can’t Contribute to the Adoption Plan

Birth fathers can help you determine the adoption plan and how much contact you want with your child. The birth father can help you decide which adoption plan (open, semi-open, and closed) is the most beneficial to you. Open grants the most contact, semi-open grants less contact but more privacy, and closed grants privacy but no contact. Arizona adoption agencies will help explain each of these adoption plans in greater detail.

Birth Fathers Can’t Aid in the Adoption Agency’s Hospital Plan

Your Arizona adoption agency will want you to create a hospital plan, which includes accommodations and your hospital visitors. The birth father can help you write out what you need for the birth: lighting, music, and personal items. You can decide who you want when you’re in labor: friends, family, birth father, and adoptive parents. You and the birth father can talk about if you want him in the room as you give birth.

Moving Past Adoption Misconceptions about Arizona Birth Fathers

Birth fathers can help you determine both the adoption and hospital plans during the adoption process. Birth fathers can assist you in the adoption process and help you determine the adoptive parents. Both you and the birth father need support during and after the adoption process. While birth fathers can be involved in the adoption process, Adoption agencies in Arizona give you all the power.

If you need help placing your baby for adoption, Adoption Choices of Arizona can support you. We are a fully licensed private adoption agency staffed by dedicated, compassionate professionals. For more information, type in ‘adoption agencies near me’ so that we can assist you in the adoption process.