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Misconceptions about Adoption in Arizona

By Nicholas Rodinos

There are many unfortunate misconceptions about the adoption process in Arizona and the reasons birth mothers place their children for adoption. Misconceptions include ideas about the birth mothers not caring about their children, or how adoption agencies are controlling. These ideas seem unfair, and they may not fully understand the reasons why birth mothers seek out adoption agencies. This article will explain why some birth mothers place their children for adoption, and why adoption agencies are important.

Misconception 1: Birth Mothers Don’t Care About Their Children

Most birth mothers do love their children deeply; however, they cannot always afford to care for them. These birth mothers recognize that they cannot properly care for their children, so they seek adoption in Arizona. Birth mothers work with adoption agencies because they want what’s best for their babies. Arizona adoption agencies help many birth mothers understand placing your baby for adoption is not giving up.

Misconception 2: Birth Mothers are Teenagers

While there are many teenage birth mothers, most are in their twenties or thirties and aren’t prepared for children. They may be adults without the financial resources to properly care for and provide for a child. Some birth mothers are attending college and are simply not ready to care for a baby. If you cannot care for your child, it may be best to place your baby for adoption.

Misconception 3: Birth Mothers Won’t See Their Children Again

The adoption plan allows the birth mother to see her child post-adoption if she and the adoptive parents agree. Many birth mothers use open adoption or semi-open adoption plans to learn more about their children’s lives and interests. One of the benefits of open adoption in Arizona is that birth mothers can meet their children again. Birth mothers can explain to their children why they surrendered them for adoption.

Misconception 4: Adoption is Expensive

Our adoption agencies in Arizona can help pay for the birth mother and her baby’s needs. Arizona adoption agencies typically cover medical care, rent, utilities, housing, and financial expenses in case birth mothers cannot work. The adoption agency can also provide maternity clothes for comfort, protection, and warmth during your pregnancy. There are limits to consider, adoption financial support usually ends one month after the birth of the child.

Misconception 5: Birth Mothers Will Regret Their Decisions

There can be moments when birth mothers regret placing their child for adoption but many come to accept their decision. Birth mothers who place their babies for adoption are giving their children a new family of well-trained adoptive parents. Adoption agencies in Arizona provide counselors who help birth mothers understand the benefits of placing their children for adoption. As part of the pregnancy help you will receive counseling to help you psychologically cope with your post-adoption grief.

Misconception 6: Adoptive Parents Won’t Love the Child

Adoption agencies in Arizona run strict background checks on their adoptive parent candidates, to ensure your baby’s safety. These Arizona adoption agencies make sure that the adoptive parents are loving, nurturing, and properly caring for their children. Adoption Choices of Arizona counsels their adoptive parent candidates on how to healthily communicate their concerns to their children. Our adoption agencies near you are finding wonderful adoptive parents to care for babies of birth mothers like you.

Misconception 7: Birth Mothers Have No Control Over the Adoption Process

Our Arizona adoption agencies put birth mothers in charge of their adoption decisions, and work to meet their needs. Birth mothers can decide the adoptive parents, the adoption and birth plans, and how much support they need. While birth mothers can choose how much contact they have with their children, adoptive parents also must agree. The adoption process is designed to specifically grant birth mothers as much control as they need during their pregnancy.

Combatting Adoption Misconceptions

Adoption Choices of Arizona provides birth mothers with as much authority, patience, and support as they require. Adoption agencies provide powerful pregnancy help by checking adoptive parents and ensuring only the best are caring for children. Many birth mothers come to understand their adoption decisions were beautiful sacrifices that provided their children with better opportunities. Our adoption agencies in Arizona can provide you with the necessary information and resources regarding adoption.

If you are pregnant and need adoption resources or have adoption questions, please contact Adoption Choices of Arizona. We have been a licensed adoption agency, specializing in private adoption in Arizona since 2011. Our adoption professionals can assist you through every stage of the adoption process.