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Can I Still Choose Adoption Late in My Pregnancy?

By Jan Douglas

Are you a pregnant woman and considering adoption late into your pregnancy? Adoption Choices of Arizona can answer questions regarding placing your baby for adoption towards the end of your pregnancy. If you are looking for adoption agencies in Arizona, we are a licensed adoption agency. We will always treat you with respect and dignity and ensure you receive the birth mother benefits you need.

Our adoption agencies have compassionate adoption specialists who will sit down and explain how the adoption process works. No matter how far along you are in your pregnancy, choosing adoption is never too late. If you are pregnant and don’t want the baby, we can help you create a personalized adoption plan

Placing your Child into Adoption Late into the Pregnancy

Choosing adoption can be challenging, especially if it’s late in the term. Just know it is possible to decide on adoption at any point in your pregnancy. You do not need to have anything settled right away. A birth mother can elect to place the baby for adoption at any time, even after the birth. The adoption process is the same no matter where you are in your pregnancy:

  • Contact Adoption Choices of Arizona
  • Arrange to meet with one of our birth mother specialists.
  • If you choose to proceed, complete the adoption paperwork.
  • Decide on the pregnancy care you want and need
  • Review carefully screened/background-checked adoptive families.
  • Meet your adoptive family, except if it is a closed adoption.
  • Continue to care for yourself and the baby, meeting with your adoption specialist whenever needed. You will not have to go through this alone!
  • Birth of the baby; post-placement support

Some birth mothers worry that choosing adoption late in their pregnancy may slow adoption. With every adoption, there are specific procedures that are legally required. The adoptive families have already undergone an intensive 4-6 month Home Study

However, you may feel more rushed than a birth mother who decided towards the beginning of her pregnancy. This is one reason Adoption Choices of Arizona can greatly benefit you. We are a local adoption agency and understand Arizona adoption requirements. Our birth mother specialists are experienced and knowledgeable in the adoption process. You will receive all the facts and details you need to make informed decisions. And your adoption specialist will be with you every step of the way. 

Can I Still Create an Adoption Plan For a Late Pregnancy Adoption?

Yes! You will still develop a personalized adoption, birth, and hospital plan even if you are in your last trimester. You are considering or have decided on adoption, and it is entirely human to be feeling a little crazy. We are a local adoption agency. This allows you to meet with your birth mother specialist as often as you need. She can guide you in making an adoption plan perfect for you. 

Figuring Out My Adoption Plan for Adoption in Arizona

There are three types of adoptions today. The main difference is the amount of contact the birth mother will have with the adoptive family and child. Choosing the type of adoption, you want is a very personal decision. Your adoption specialist can help you determine what is best for you. There are many factors to consider and many questions to ask yourself. The first thing to remember is whatever you decide is okay!

  • Open Adoption allows the birth mother, the adoptive family, and the child to remain in contact before, during, and after the adoption process. This may include visits, phone calls, emails, and photos. Open adoption works best with honest communication. Sometimes the birth parent will even celebrate milestones with the adoptive family, such as birthdays, graduations, etc.
  • Semi-open Adoption will provide regular updates about the child until they are eighteen. The birth mother can receive emails with updates and, if desired, photos. The birth parent will know how the child is doing without a direct relationship. 
  • Closed Adoption resembles adoptions of long ago. The birth mother and adoptive family do not share any information except health records. The adoption will be completely confidential. 

In addition to the adoption plan, the birth mother will decide what she would like her birth and hospital experience to involve. If an open adoption is selected, the birth mother may want the adoptive family in the delivery room. Or, she may only want her adoption specialist or someone close to her. The birth mom will decide how much interaction she wants between her and the adoptive family at the hospital. She also chooses how much time she would like with the baby while in the hospital. 

Making the Choice of Adoption Late into Your Pregnancy

No matter the reason for deciding on adoption late in the pregnancy, it is always an option. Talking to spouses, significant others, family, friends, or trusted doctors for advice can be beneficial if they have your best interests in mind. Are you an expectant woman having thoughts about placing your baby for adoption? Are you looking for adoption agencies in ArizonaAdoption Choices of Arizona is a local, private, and licensed adoption agency. You can tell us about your adoption expectations, fears, and hopes. We are here to help you through the decision and will always keep your best interests in mind. It is never too late to choose adoption.