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Whether you’re a single birth mother looking to give your child what you feel is a more deserving life or a single prospective parent looking to start a family, adoption is a wonderful way to round off your ambition. We at Adoption Choices of Arizona are here to remind you that it’s completely OK to be a single in the adoption process, whether you’re the one searching for an adoption plan or looking to adopt. Here is why, no matter what others may tell you, it’s a valid choice.

For the adoptive parent: One parent is better than none at all

Those who say adopting as a single isn’t financially stable are lacking one crucial standpoint: Isn’t one parent nurturing a child better than no one at all? According to a report from the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System for 2018, there are over 400,000 children awaiting families nationwide. If you wanted a child and had the means to be able to decrease that number, why wouldn’t you do it?

For the birth mother: You know what’s best

No outsider viewpoint can ever compare to that of the birth mother. However, here are some considerations when choosing an adoptive family. Perhaps you were a child of a single parent and desire the same for your child or you want to provide a single woman or man with the gift of a child. Know, choosing a single man or woman to adopt your child is an option.

For the adoptive parent: You’re fulfilling your dream, and what’s better than that?

Most people grow up dreaming of the family they are going to have one day. Don’t let someone else, no matter who close you are to them, stop you in the pursuit of fulfilling that if it means a lot to you. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your goals come into fruition, and nothing will make your days brighter and smiles wider than watching your child make that happen.

For both: You’re providing a win-win solution

One of the best parts of adoption is the results are never unforeseen. All sides win, including the birth mother who knows she is making the right choice by giving her child a more deserving life. No matter the strain you as an adoptive parent may endure along the way, just remember you end up with a child who will turn your life into a wonderful adventure, and your child will end up with someone who will love them endlessly.

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