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Is Same-Sex Adoption Legal in Arizona?

By Jacob LaBau

Adoption Choices of Arizona treat LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) members with the same respect as heterosexual couples. The adoption journey is unique to each person, and we are always here to help you. Birth mothers naturally want to choose the perfect family for their child. We have diverse families, including transracial, multi-cultural, same-sex, and single-parent families, who are ready to adopt. Get started on an adoption plan and see what type of family or parent is best for you.

LGBTQ+ families have enjoyed their right to legally adopt in Arizona since 2014. Arizona was one of the few states to legalize adoption before the federal courts did. Adoption Choices of Arizona is proud to be in a state that is inclusive of all families. The U.S. Supreme Court finally legalized same-sex adoption in all 50 states in 2017 after overturning an Arkansas law banning adoption by same-sex couples. Placing your baby for adoption does not mean you are giving up on your child. In fact, it could mean that you are thinking about what is best for your child. We appreciate all the empathetic birth mothers out there who courageously confronted adoption in Arizona! There are seven different adoption agencies in Arizona. Find one closest to you and join the other brave birth mothers!

A Heterosexual Couple Adopting Vs. an LGBTQ+ Couple Adopting

LGBTQ+ couples have only been allowed to adopt in the last decade, which begs the question: will the adoption process be different if I choose an LGBTQ+ family? The adoption process will be the same no matter what family you ultimately decide on. Adoption Choices of Arizona will conduct a non-discriminatory home study to determine whether a family is prepared to raise a child. The home study will measure the family or individual’s financial security, a key factor in the future of your child. The family or individual will also have their backgrounds checked to ensure no previous illegal activity. Open adoption allows you to choose the family that adopts your baby. Tell your adoption specialist that you would like an open adoption and get to choose a family that is right for you.

The adoption process will be the same regardless of a couple’s sexual orientation, but the way your child is raised will be different. It is up to you to clearly communicate what it is you want out of an adoptive family. Each family type possesses positive and negative attributes depending on several factors. For example, religion and political beliefs could be extremely important to you and your significant other. 

Adoption Choices of Arizona will find families that match your exact criteria. Once you have some potential families lined up, your adoption specialist will provide you with the time and location for a meeting with the prospective family. The adoption specialist can be there to act as an intermediary between the two parties. If the family is not right for you, stay calm. There are thousands of families out there waiting for the chance to adopt in Arizona. The perfect family exists, and it could only be a couple of meetings away.

Resources for Birth Mothers and LGBTQ+ Couples

Whether it be financial help, medical care, or emotional support, Adoption Choices of Arizona has options for you. Let’s start off with what kind of financial help we can offer because it is an extensive list.

Financial Assistance

First and foremost, the adoption process comes at absolutely no cost for the birth mother. Enjoy an expense-paid adoption by letting us into your life! Adoption Choices of Arizona will discover how much financial assistance you are eligible for. Things like groceries, housing, utilities, transportation, etc., will all be taken into consideration. It is not too late to receive financial support. Learn how to give a baby up for adoption and see just how much financial assistance you can receive!

Medical Care and Getting the LGBTQ+ Family Involved

Birth mothers can also receive payment in the form of medical care. You can choose your own personal doctor who will listen to your pregnancy concerns. It is important to schedule check-ups with your doctor to ensure a stress-free and healthy delivery! The LGBTQ+ family can be involved in this process as well. Reach out to the couple about attending doctor’s appointments with you. An early familiarity can be created with the adoptive family, and they can also get an early look at the baby blossoming within you!

Emotional Support Options

There are two options birth mothers can choose to utilize if they are stressed out about adoption. One of the options is counseling: one-on-one with a licensed mental health professional. A second option is a support group: judgment-free environment where fellow birth mothers will share their hardships and successes throughout the adoption. Both options are great ways to soothe your worries during a stressful period of your life. Contact an adoption specialist at any one of the adoption agencies in Arizona to sign up for emotional support!

LGBTQ+ Adoptive Family Resources

Adoption Choices of Arizona can offer a wide range of services to LGBTQ+ adoptive families! We will find all prospective LGBTQ+ families and bring them to you. The adoptive family will be working closely with us to find remarkable birth mothers like yourself who are pursuing adoption in Arizona. The post-placement agreement is kept within our agency. We make sure you and the adoptive family are content with the post-placement communication plan you originally put in place. If both you and the same-sex couple are content with each party’s effort regarding communication, there will be no need for us to intervene. Your adoption specialist wishes to keep the adoptive family happy too. Consider putting a child up for adoption if an LGBTQ+ family sounds right for you and your baby!

Adoption Choices of Arizona Wants What is Best for You and the LGBTQ+ Family!

We specialize in pregnant moms and birth family adoption services. We know what it takes for a birth mother to be successful in adoption, and we can help you do it! You are our number one focus, but the adoptive family is important, too. To celebrate pride month, make a same-sex couple’s dream come true with the adoption of your baby. Same-sex couples have fought hard for the rights they now have today. If you are a birth mother and would like to know more about the prospective LGBTQ+ awaiting your call, you are in the right place. 


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