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Is Open Adoption in Arizona Better Than Closed Adoption?

By Aurora Warner

A common question is whether open adoption is better than closed adoption. You might be unsure of what open adoption is. Open adoption does not involve co-parenting. Instead, it keeps communication channels open between you, the adoptive parents, and your child. The best way to start the journey into learning about open vs. closed adoption is by defining the two terms.

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What is an open adoption vs. a closed adoption?

Open adoption is an adoption in which you place your child with a particular adoptive family and can contact them afterward. A closed adoption, on the hand, is an adoption in which you will have no contact with the adoptive family, and they know very little information about you.

Is an open adoption the right choice for you?

 If you’re thinking about placing your child for adoption, you should first determine what makes the most sense for you and what is in your child’s best interests. There will be many things to consider when decking what type of adoption you want. 

You will want to consider some of the following: 

  • You can choose who raises the child if you want
  • Take photos, communicate via phone, write letters, pay visits, etc
  • The ability to handle long-term contact with the child on a mental and emotional level

Open Adoption

 Nowadays, many adoptions are considered open. However, the benefits of maintaining an open relationship with a child’s birth family during adoption are proven. Not just for your child but also the birth family as well.

Here are a couple of benefits of having an open adoption over a closed adoption:

  • Every question your child asks will have an answer. Their birth parents will always be available to answer questions about their family background.
  • You will have fewer concerns about self-esteem and identity issues for your child. In addition, growing up knowing their open adoption story and their birth family will help them feel more secure in their identity and more proud of their heritage.
  • You will never need to explain to your child why they were “unwanted” or who their birth parents were when they chose adoption. This is one of the most significant differences between closed and open adoption for your child. Their parents will never falsely believe they abandoned them, as is common in closed adoptions. 
  • Relationships can be meaningful. Open adoptions also benefit adoptive families more than closed adoptions. It’s possible to build a deep, fulfilling relationship with those who selflessly placed their child with them instead of never knowing them.

Is Open Adoption Right For Me?

It is essential to think about what you want and need from the adoption. What is best for your child’s future, on the other hand, comes first. You should think about if continual contact is beneficial for your child or whether you desire an open relationship with both the adoptive parents and your child.

You may need to consider the child’s best interests and make sure their well-being is at the forefront of the openness in your adoption. However, it is essential to note that open and semi-open should not describe how you talk about adoption with your kid. On the other hand, it is good to let your child know about their adoption story and how you came to become a family.

Why Should I Choose Adoption Choices of Arizona?

At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we can assist you. You might be wondering if I can choose adoption if you are unable to take care of your child. The answer is yes, you can. We’ll provide you with the tools and information you need to find out what’s right for you. We’ll also provide you with a temporary shelter to help you through your unplanned pregnancy and adoption process. Our staff will work with you to develop an adoption plan that fulfills all of your requirements.

We are an adoption agency that is licensed by the state of Arizona. We help birth mothers, their children, and adoptive families. Our staff members have assisted birth parents, children, and adoptive families in Arizona. Our goal is to provide a personalized adoption experience to all involved in the adoption process. 

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