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Is a Closed Adoption Right for You? 

By Sarah Ford 

The emotional journey of seeking unplanned pregnancy help can be difficult and filled with worries. Even after searching for adoption agencies in Arizona and choosing adoption, many factors still exist to reflect on. Some avenues will fit specific preferences better than others. Careful thought is needed to determine the best path for you and your child. Closed adoption is an option that can meet the specific needs of birth mothers. 

It is relevant to know that adoption will not look one particular way. As the birth mother, you have options in your adoption. Included in this is closed adoption. Closed adoption can fit some preferences for birth mothers. While this may be right for some, alternative avenues include open and semi-open adoption. You might be wondering what this option will look like when placing your baby for adoption. Adoption Choices of Arizona can help. 

Basics of a Closed Adoption

When choosing adoption in Arizona, you might wish for finality in your decision. Facing an unplanned pregnancy can involve difficulties that might lead to a preference for distance in your decision. Closed adoption will entail this, as it includes the conclusion of contact or involvement between birth mothers and adoptive families. There is little to no interaction between parties, and there is no remaining contact after placement. This adoption type implies additional privacy between parties. While birth mothers can choose the type of adoptive family in a closed adoption, the identities of the adoptive families are not known.  

Some might choose closed adoption with the desire to close this chapter and characterize it with finality. Adoption is a very complicated emotional journey, and some might feel that privacy and no contact after placement will be best. This adoption type can provide the closure that some might not find in open or semi-open adoptions. Though not as common in recent years, the anonymity of closed adoption can give birth mothers the privacy they might be seeking. 

Should I Consider Open Adoption? 

While there are benefits in choosing closed adoption, open adoption might be a better fit for your emotional needs. You might be looking for peace of mind in your decision. Open or semi-open adoption can impart this, as there is full disclosure regarding the identity of your child’s adoptive family. This can be comforting for some when navigating emotions in the adoption process, especially post-placement. The communication that open and semi-open adoption allows for can also be comforting. In open adoption, you can have contact with your child’s adoptive family and see that your child is being loved and cared for. 

There is a sense of connection in open adoptions, which can be comforting for some. You might want to choose adoption for your child but still have some form of connection to their lives. Open adoption is an option that can offer this. The finality that closed adoption consists of can be intimidating. Throughout open adoption, birth mothers and adoptive families arrange communication and connection. Open adoption typically involves a higher level of communication than semi-open adoption. This will not look the same for each birth mother, as the contact levels are coordinated with everyone’s personal preferences and comfort in mind. 

Making the Right Decision For My Adoption Openness

When researching, “adoption agencies near me,” you might wonder what your open adoption will look like. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we know that each birth mother and adoptive family will have unique communication preferences. This can appear in various ways, including letters, emails, or messages. In the case of fully open adoptions, in-person visits can even be included. Just like the rest of your adoption plan, your open adoption will be based on your preferences and wishes for your child.

In addition to fully open adoption, a semi-open adoption is an option that might fit your comfort levels more suitably. While there is still connection, there is a level of privacy between the birth mother and adoptive family. Semi-open adoption can give some birth mothers the closure they need while still feeling connected to their child’s life. Depending on your comfort level, you might receive anything from email updates on your child’s life to images. 

In your child adoption, you might have concerns in the post-placement portion of your journey. Open adoption can provide reassurance, as you can have peace of mind and connection to your child. It additionally implies that you will make choices regarding your connection to your adoptive family as life progresses. Through this hard decision, there are avenues of support for you that can be highly beneficial. At Adoption Choices of Arizona, licensed counselors and adoption specialists will guide and assist you through your decisions and forming your adoption plan.

Support From Adoption Choices of Arizona 

After choosing adoption, determining the right private adoption Arizona agency can prove difficult. You might have specific preferences for the levels of communication with your child and their adoptive family. Understanding what your adoption options are can be vital, and so can methods of support when choosing what is right for you and your child. 

If you are looking for adoption agencies in Arizona that can provide options that will fit your emotional needs, Adoption Choices of Arizona may be right for you. We are an uplifting community of adoption professionals who prioritize your preferences and needs. If you have any questions or concerns in your adoption journey, our caring team is ready to help.