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Interracial Adoption: Should I choose a White Family for My Child?

By Edward Harding

Black History Month is a celebration of black excellence and culture. A true recognition of diversity in every sense. If you’re a black woman considering placing a baby for adoption, your culture may be very important to you. We couldn’t agree more. 

At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we value all people the same regardless of skin color. We are committed to finding a home for your child as soon as possible. However, sometimes that perfect family may not match your preconceived thoughts. Perhaps you may be nervous about finding a suitable match in time. These fears and worries are perfectly acceptable, so we encourage you to explore all potential options. 

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Consider the Interracial Adoption Process in Arizona

Transracial adoptions include any adoption in which the adoptive parents are of a different race, culture, or ethnicity than the child. Contrary to popular belief, Transracial adoption is more common than you may think. One of the strongest aspects of our modern culture is society’s dedication to challenging racial barriers. There is certainly still work to be done in regard to abolishing harmful racial and cultural bias. However, transracial adoption is a positive way to contribute to developing a truly diverse society. 

There are many beneficial aspects to choosing transracial adoption for your black child. Think of these features as a bonus to traditional adoptions. Though every adoption is unique, these benefits are certainly worth considering within your adoption plan.  

  1. Allows the adoptive family to learn more about black culture. 
  2. Helps to build bridges between races. Choosing a Transracial adoption directly indicates your tolerance towards people who do not share your race.  
  3. Gives your child a chance to form lasting relationships with those of other races.
  4. Challenges public perceptions of the “ideal” family composition.
  5. Gives your child positive role models of another race. If you are thinking about placing your child with a white family, this can be particularly valuable. Showing your child that not everyone is hateful towards them can aid in developing self-confidence and perseverance. 

How Adoption Agencies Help Create Transracial Families

Matching is a key step in the adoption process. You may be nervous about matching with a family of another race. Perhaps you are worried they may not care for your child with the same level of love as those who share their skin color. Adoption agencies in Arizona screen each family for a variety of criteria beforehand to ensure this will never occur. Our families must pass background checks set by the state and FBI. They must also provide proof of a child abuse clearance report, tax records, and complete HIV testing. Additionally, home inspections are conducted by social workers to ensure the environment is safe for children. 

Most Adoption agencies in Arizona assess families regarding their openness to transracial adoption within family profiles. These profiles will then be presented to you for final consideration. Don’t feel discouraged about rejecting many potential matches. Sometimes, the right family will be hard to find, and you shouldn’t have to compromise in order to provide the perfect home. 

Choosing open or semi-open adoption will allow you the most control in finding an adoptive family who is also open to multiracial adoption. Open adoption encourages continued contact with an adoptive family. This can allow you the opportunity to expand the diversity within your own social circles.

Ask About Transracial Arizona Adoption Today

Searching for adoption agencies near me can only get you so far towards combating an unplanned pregnancy. Adoption services are free to birth mothers meaning it can’t hurt to act now. The best way to learn more information about transracial adoption is to contact a counselor today. At Adoption choices of Arizona, we treat you with respect and dignity and ensure you receive the birth mother benefits you need. Our counselors are personalized to your specific needs and highly trained. They can meet with you directly or virtually through phone or video chats. 

Adoption Choices of Arizona values client freedom and personal rights. Regardless of your racial background, we will never hide information or attempt to coerce you. Remember, adoption is always your decision to make.