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Hospital Adoption and Placement in AZ

By Jan Douglas

When a woman finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy, she may feel lost and submerged in fear. This is not always the case. But, if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and are experiencing these emotions, Adoption Choices of Arizona offers guidance and help. We are one of the best adoption agencies in Arizona. We will always treat you with respect and dignity and ensure you receive the birth mother benefits you need. 

Adoption may be stressful, but it can also bring positive experiences. Finding out you are pregnant and don’t want your baby is okay. The circumstances surrounding an unexpected pregnancy differ widely; almost half of all pregnancies are unplanned. You are not alone.

Placing your Baby for Adoption is an Option

Adoption can be a beautiful choice for a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. Adoption Choices of Arizona has years of experience supporting women through adoption in Arizona. Our priority is the birth mother. Modern adoptions are vastly different from adoptions of the past. The birth parent has choices and flexibility in creating the adoption plan. The first step is to contact one of our locations and schedule an appointment. We have adoption specialists available 24/7. 

We are a private, licensed adoption agency and understand Arizona adoption requirements. Our agency offers financial and emotional support for all eligible: living expenses, medical expenses, and counseling. An adoption professional will work with you to develop a personalized adoption plan. As part of the adoption process, you will:

  • Decide the type of adoption
  • Choose the adoptive family
  • Create a birth and hospital plan
  • Receive any post-placement support you need 

Adoption Choices of Arizona can explain how adoption works. Your adoption specialist will describe each step in the adoption process and answer all your questions. Choosing adoption takes bravery and determination. You imagine a better life for your unborn child. Adoption can be the responsible option. It may be difficult, but sometimes it is the most caring choice.

What Happens When it is Time to Give Birth in Adoption?

1. Why is it good to have your adoption plan in place?

A good reason for deciding on adoption early in your pregnancy is to have time to make your adoption plan. Thinking through what you want and having your decisions written down may lessen the stress when it comes time for birth. Depending on the type of adoption the birth mother chooses will form much of the hospital and birth experience. Additionally, she will have selected the adoptive family from carefully screened families given to her by our agency. These families have undergone a rigorous 4-6 month Home Study and various background checks. 

The wonderful thing about contemporary adoptions is the ability to create an adoption plan personal to you! No person is alike. Neither are the circumstances surrounding pregnancy. The reasons a pregnant woman decides on adoption are individual. What is comfortable for one woman may not be for another. The adoption specialists at Adoption Choices of Arizona have an abundance of knowledge. The birth mom and the adoption specialist have usually formed a close relationship. This is helpful when deciding on these important details of your adoption plan. 

2. How does the type of adoption you choose affects the birth and hospital plan?

Open adoption will have the greatest amount of interaction between the birth mom and adoptive parents. Some women have already formed a relationship with the adoptive family before the baby’s birth. The adoptive parents have attended doctor’s appointments and spent time with the birth mom. The birth mother may have invited them to be at the birth. Sometimes the birth mom will want pictures with the baby and adoptive family. This can be an enriching experience for the birth mom and help her move on after placing the baby for adoption.

If the birth parent has chosen a semi-open adoption, the adoptive parents may be at the hospital but will not be present in the delivery room. In this type of adoption, the birth mother and the adoptive family have a limited relationship. They may have met initially after the birth mom chose them. But a direct in-person relationship is not formed like in an open adoption. Usually, it involves yearly updates until the child is eighteen years of age through email, letters, and photos. Moving on after adoption might be a struggle for some women. But they still want to know how the child is doing. And that is okay! There is no one way when it comes to adoption. 

A closed adoption will not involve any relationship between the two. The only information shared is the birth mother’s medical history. The adoption agency will act as an intermediary between the birth mom and the adoptive family. The reasons a woman may choose a closed adoption are various. Perhaps it has to do with the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy. Adoption Choices of Arizona will support you no matter the type of adoption you choose.

3. Should a Birth Mother Spend Time with her Baby in the Hospital?

After the baby is born, the birth mom can see her baby as much as she wants while in the hospital. Many birth parents have stated that they regret not spending time with their babies. Often, “birth mothers who see and hold their baby after delivery tend to be better able to process the adoption later on.” These birth mothers have said holding their babies takes away the unanswered questions. What would it have felt like to hold and see their baby? It may feel too painful. Adoption is a mixture of heartbreak and joy. Placing a baby for adoption brings hope for the future but is tinged with sadness. Not spending time with your baby will not change this aspect of adoption. 

What the birth parent decides regarding time spent with the baby in the hospital is adjustable. Just like in the adoption plan, there is flexibility. The time a birth mother spends with her baby is entirely up to her. This can include holding the baby for a few hours or simply watching them through the nursery window. The birth mom can always change her mind while at the hospital. She makes the decision. 

Post-Placement Decisions and Support for Adoption in Arizona

In the adoption plan, the birth parent decides their future involvement in the child’s life. If the birth mom chose an open adoption, there would be a relationship between her, the adoptive family, and the child. If the birth parent wants a semi-open adoption, the agency will send updates until the child is eighteen years of age. Most importantly, adoption support DOES NOT end at the hospital. Adoption Choices of Arizona will continue to provide financial help and counseling for six weeks after delivery. 

If you are pregnant and looking for adoption agencies in Arizona, our private adoption agency is accessible 24/7. Even if you are unsure, you can talk privately to an adoption specialist. We offer compassion, understanding, and support.